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Passing with flying colours in an university


Date Posted: 11/21/2017 6:47:53 PM

Posted By: Jonmhumble  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2362

Surely in most of the universities in Kenya, the pass mark is 40 marks, which is composed of a Continuous Assessment Test (CAT), an assignment and the main exam. With these it seems that it is easy to pass.This is not the case since a certain percentage fails.

Most students usually fails due to lack of proper time management or some thinks that one should not work hard. In campus one has got a lot of free time. These who fails do not utilize this free time accordingly. Some indulge themselves in unacceptable behaviors such as in drug abuse, going to night clubs while others just stay idle.

Most of them try to cover up what the lecturer have taught in the last hours,that is, some few days towards the exam. At this time is very hard to get a space in library where you can do your studies. Some even book a space for the others since the space is limited. To avoid this and do well in your exams it is good to follow this steps. Just try them and you will see the results.

First, make sure that you attend all the classes. Be punctual so that you can understand what the lecturer teaches. Some of the concepts that you will be taught might not be available in book and these concepts might help you in your final exams and also in your life.

Secondly, make sure that you pass through what you have been taught each and every day. This makes a concept to stick into your mind since each person is prone to forgetting if you don't keep on reminding yourself. Just have

a timetable so that you can manage your time wisely and being able to allocate the required time appropriately to your subjects.

Thirdly, try to test yourself. This is through getting books in library and working out questions concerning your topic. After you feel that you are fit and have got the capabilities, find some past papers since some questions are repeated now and then. Just have confidence when working out the questions. If seems to be unclear just consult your friends and through then you can get solutions.

Another thing that helps the students is the group discussions. In groups is where one knows his or her strength and weaknesses. In the group is where you are free to ask questions. Be committed to the group and to its work. In the group is where you can learn new concepts from your friends through sharing. As a concept that you did not understand in the class. In groups you can learn extra on what was taught in class. The lecturer do not deliver everything. You are required to go and do more research outside the classroom. The it becomes convenient in groups where you can carry out further researches.

Make sure that you finish up your assignments on time. Avoid copying other peoples' work. This will improve your confidence even during the exam. Remember that part of the assignment may be in the final exams. If you had copied the exams, then it becomes a hard time for you during the exam.

You can be a success or a failure in all depends with you. What one does determines you final results. So have a reason and know the reason why you went to an university. life in campus can deteriorate or improve your future life.

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