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How to perform well in mathematics


Date Posted: 2/17/2018 3:20:45 AM

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Mathematics is a subject that many students consider difficult and tend to perform poorly in. This trend of poor performance in mathematics can, however, be changed. Performing well in mathematics involves hard work and a lot of practice which can be achieved through a number of day to day activities.
As a student of mathematics, you should strive to do all the assignments given by your teacher or lecturer. This is because assignments help you practice and master the concepts taught in class. When doing these assignments you should work in a distraction free environment. If you can’t work in silence then you can opt to listen to music without lyrics. This is because music with lyrics or that which is too loud is distractive. When solving the mathematical problems in the assignment, you should work out the questions step by step as his enables you to understand the sequence of solving such problems better.

Another step towards good performance in mathematics is trying not to miss classes. This is because in a mathematics class, a new concept is taught in every class. Furthermore, one needs to understand the concepts taught in the previous lesson in order to understand what is taught in next class. It is therefore advisable that you reschedule any commitments that clash with a mathematics class. In case you miss a class, you should consult the teacher or your friend to explain what was taught in the class you missed before the next class.

Study groups are as important in mathematics as in other subjects. Being a member of a study group ensures that you are up to date with your class work in case you miss a class. Study groups also enable you to practice for tests with your classmates and get their different views

on different mathematical problems. In a study group you can get the opportunity to explain to others, concepts that you understand better than them which helps you understand that concept better. If you find it hard to study in a group, then you can consider getting a study partner. Working in a study group or with a study partners requires that you choose a conducive time and place for study when each member is available. The study group should also remain focused on the topic of discussion in order to reap the full benefits of having such a group.

Establishing and maintaining a good relationship with the teacher is important in improving performance in mathematics. A mathematics class may have a large number of students and therefore you should distinguish yourself by showing interest in the subject for example by always asking questions whenever you don’t understand and contributing to the lesson by answering questions and giving additional points that your teacher may not have mentioned. Teachers tend to take interest in students who show interest in their subjects and tend to give them additional questions, notes and tips to improve their performance in the subject. When you have established a good relationship with your teacher, it becomes easier to approach him or her whenever you need their help.

After everything test or assignment, make sure to analyze and understand every mistake you made. This will help you understand what you did wrong, correct it and avoid repeating it in the future. Going over mistakes gives you a chance to revisit the concept from which the question was formulated and hence you understand the concept better. If the mistakes are still unclear, you should consult your teacher or classmates who know how to solve the problem.

Every person, even the most intelligent people in the world, has something they don’t understand and if you fail to understand a certain concept, you should not shy away from getting help from your classmates and teachers. You should also make sure you get help early enough. You should not wait until you are a day away from a test so that you can ask for help. You should seek help as soon as you discover you don’t understand a given concept. Seeking help does not necessarily mean that you are stupid or are a slow learner but that you are eager to learn more and understand what you did not earlier. When seeking help make sure the person from whom you are seeking help is patient enough to repeat several times in case you don’t understand. If you seek help from a person who may lash at you whenever you don’t understand a given concept, they tend to discourage you. You should also be very clear when seeking help. Ask what you don’t understand and do not generalize as the person helping you may find it difficult to identify what it is that you really don’t understand.

In class don’t keep your questions to yourself. The questions you have may be similar to those your classmates have, therefore by voicing your questions you also help your friends. Asking questions helps you to understand better and ask for clarification if a certain concept is unclear. Teachers tend to be receptive to their student’s questions. Asking questions shows you are interested in the class. Some teachers, however, are not receptive to questions from their students so you should in turn ask for your classmates. Peer teaching is very effective in teaching mathematics.

Performing well in mathematics is therefore easy and anyone can do well. Above all you should make sure you maintain a positive attitude towards the subject. You should also motivate yourself everyday that mathematics is easy and you can do well in the subject. Using this techniques and many others, you will be able to achieve the good grade you want in mathematics.

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