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Follow these tips and score a straight A in Mathematics


Date Posted: 3/18/2018 11:10:05 AM

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Like many pupils without an exception, I found this subject a hard nut to crack. Between 28% and 32%. A 40% was a great improvement that I had to be recognized in class. It is till I got to class 8 that things changed.
1. Get a trainer/ teacher.

Those days some pupils used to retake their K.C.S.E maybe in order to secure good high-schools or so. In our class. Someone I'll call John happened to repeat so we learned together during my final year in primary. This lad was so effective in calculation that 96% was considered a drop in this subject. We even didn't know why he had to repeat, in fact his position was consistently undebatable. Always number one.

I watched this boy closely and realized that he would finish his test long before time( 2½hours) and get revising other subjects (Mostly social studies ). With many a pupils we would be dragging slightly above half_way when the bell rung Bang! Time over....This was not so good to admit ,things had to change, but, how? This subject seemed a monster or something stranger than that?

Somehow I decided to address my situation, I had to learn from the best. If truly I was to improve on the subject. There was no other way to deal with it but to approach John. Approach him in a style. And this is exactly what I did.

2. Start from somewhere

First I had to start from somewhere. I took one of my favourite topics, Algebra. The (xs and ys) Did I copy and paste them for John to tackle them and perhaps test his knowledge on the topic? Absolutely not! Don't do that, no pretense here, be honest with yourself. Try it by yourself before you take

it to the master, it will be of great service for both of you. That is exactly what I did, and slowly by slowly John became so interested in helping me. He even suggested other topics that I could try out and discuss them later with him, that's how it ends in a mutual accompaniment, it was a win win for both of us, as much as I learnt, John got an opportunity to revise every time he assisted. Who would not want to get that feeling of importance? Within a while I had grown my interest on this subject, I became unstoppable, I greatly improved. Improved from 28% to 96% like John ? aa-aa! Just a slight improvement 40% 56% 48% 60% 58% 70% 78% The latter being my score in my final exam. KCSE. Wasn't that amazing? I truly believe it was, ask someone who scores 28% consistently, how it would feel like to score 50% at least once?

3.Practice! Practice! practice!

This is not a new term in a class of maths, yes practice, the method up there is pure practice with a mentor and a trainer, someone of your level who is doing exceedingly well in the subject matter. Maths is 98% practice and 2% Show up. Write your name up there and start calculations. Students ask, how often do I do this ? First you must be motivated to do it by your desire to excel in the subject, then start over, start with the simple calculations, one thing you must know is that, one topic most often leads to the other, therefore you must begin at the beginning and work your way up. Train till you become unstoppable, keep looking for difficult and more challenging questions particularly if you are at the top of your game. Do it until you wonder whether there exist difficult Maths.
At highschool the love for the subject was natural, this is the best about attitude once it stick it remains, I was always at the top. Another thing you are supposed to do even after you become phenomenal is to go ahead of your teacher, try it alone, try it with your friends such that when teacher comes it will be just but a revision session, you will have an opportunity to ask questions about what you didn't get well while doing it alone. You will interest your coach and benefit from his appreciation. Teachers will naturally love bright students.

4.Try different books.

Different authors have dealt with the same topics differently, their way of questioning is also different, try as many books as possible, you will definitely criticize them due to your perfect mastery.

5. Help others.

This is the final stage. It is as important as any other, make sure you lend a helping hand to other students. It will be a win win situation. Take that advantage.

6. Take every test seriously.

This is how you maintain your motivation, make sure you do better every time. If you can score a 100% every time then score it, improve on your time and try even those optional questions in you CAT exams, it helps also. But take caution during your final exams, take the extra time to revise your paper in your final exam. If you do it just like that and more I guarantee you a straight A in your final exam. I got it! Yes. An A plain and several other students by no other means. If this is so for maths then I am sure its twice workable for other subjects, try it!

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