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AWM 201: Environmental Hydrology Course Outline


Date Posted: 2/21/2018 9:29:23 AM

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1.Introduction to environmental hydrology
-Background and definitions
-Components of environment.
-Practical applications of hydrology.
-Hydrological cycle
-Principles of water renewal

2.Measurement of major climatic parameters.
-Atmospheric pressure; meaning and measurement.
-Wind velocity;meaning and measurement.
-Tempearture;meaning, instruments types and dependence on temperature.
-Humidity;meaning and measurement, hydrograph and thermohydrograph
-Radiation;meaning andinstruments
-Sunshine;sunshine recorder

3.Atmospheric flow patterns.
-The general circulation
-Transitory systems(cyclones, anticyclones, air mass and thunderstorms).

4.Streamflow and stream flow measurement
-Introduction and definitions
-Selection of gauging sites
-Measurement of stage
-Measurement of discharge
-Stage discharge relations;extension of the rating curve,stage and discharge hydrographs
-Units of streamflow.

5.Unit hydrograph
-Features of a hydrograph
-Base flow separation
-Derivation of unit hydrograph
-Uses of unit hydograph
-Development of storm hydrograph.

6.Estimation of catchment runoff
-Features affecting runoff
-Estimation of runoff

7.Sedimentation and runoff measurement
-Objectives of sediment measurement
-Factors affecting erosion and sediment yield
-Use of sediment samplers

8.Catchment descriptors in hydrology
-Catchment descriptors
-Catchment characteristics
-Drainage basin
-Stream patterns
-Catchment factors affecting runoff

9.Environmental pollution and remediation
-Types of environmental pollution
-Environmental remediation
-Remediation technologies
-Emission standards of environmental pollution control.

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