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How to pass mathematics in secondary school


Date Posted: 11/3/2017 10:49:33 PM

Posted By: Jonmhumble  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2362

Who told you that mathematics is hard? You there as a high school student,do you know that it is easy to get mathematics an A? It is our mentality and attitude that makes many people to fail in mathematics. Change your attitude towards mathematics and you will notice some difference. You can pass mathematics after following these guidelines.

First, make sure that you love mathematics and this is through: loving you mathematics teacher. Do not allow your teachers to be in peace in their offices when you have a problem in mathematics since everyday you must encounter new problem in mathematics. Mathematics is like your parent whom you usually don't fear. Believe me, most students fail because of fearing their teacher.Those who usually have a too relationship with their teachers are the one who pass very well. Make sure that a day never go wasted without you asking your teacher a mathematical problem. Loving your work(avoid being lazy). Laziness is the mother of all problems in mathematics. You must be industrious if you are a mathematics student and also avoid time wastage. Mathematics is a subject that is so time sensitive. And being sincere (never rely on coping other people's work or leakages). Leakages will only confuse you. Leakage will only let you down and waste a lot of your time. Just be a trustworthy person.

Second is building your confidence in mathematics. And you can build your conference through the following ways. One is to make sure that the formulas are at your fingertips. Make sure that you have a handwritten formula book in which you can you can write the formulas in a language that you can understand personally. Each and everyday make sure that you pass through the formulas (mathematics can be read as a way

of familiarizing yourself with the formulas). To test yourself whether you have understood the formulas,just take few examples with the answer after which you have worked out your question just compare the answer provided and the answer you have worked out. Believe me after several practices, no question concerning the formula you have passed through will be ever give you a headache no matter how difficult it is. You can also take past past with the questions concerning the formulas you have passed through. Make sure everyday you work out several mathematical problems not forget the formulas.

Lastly ,before working out mathematical problems, ask God for his guidance and providence and all will be well.

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