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Rhizosphere and its characteristics


Date Posted: 2/10/2018 4:49:45 AM

Posted By: franco crick  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2067

Rhizosphere is the region adjacent to and near the roots of the growing plants. Rhizosphere has two main characteristics as they are described below:
a) Rhizosphere releases exudates around the roots.
Exudates are substance such as glucose, amino acids and fatty acids. The exudates released creates a microbial rhizosphere as they attracts microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and also protozoa. As a result, the microbial population increases around the plants' roots as compared to other regions near the plants.

For example flavenoid is an exudate released by leguminous plants is released mainly to attract rhizobium bacteria used in fixation of atmospheric nitrogen into leguminous plants in a form that can be used by the plants for its role in the soil.Exudates also provides food substances for the nearby microorganisms around the roots and this facilitates increased microbial activities around the plants' roots.

b)The other characteristic is; Rhizosphere facilitates uptake of water and nutrients by plants.
Rhizosphere provides a region for mycchorizal associations which includes the ectomycchorizae and the endomycchorizae associations.These two associations occurs externally and internally in the soil with adventitious roots. Their adventitious roots helps in absorption of water from the soil by plants' roots to the stem where it is later used for its growth purposes.

The rhizosphere also helps in uptake of nutrients as it provides a region for attachment of the root nodules(ball-like structures used in nitrogen fixation) that are used by bacteria during nitrogen fixation.As a result of these various nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Carbon and some of the micro-nutrients are up taken by plants for the growth and development of plants.

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