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Sociological Research in Sociology and Development


Date Posted: 12/5/2017 11:35:27 AM

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Sociological research is a systematic way of gathering information through various forms of observations mainly in a given society.Comprises of several characteristics which includes:

-Must be accurate and precise by presenting data as it is with minimal errors.
-Must be systematic in that the research has to follow a series of stages that build on each other.
-Should be collaborative in that the research entails combined efforts between researchers,society and the owners of the research.
-Should be ethical by upholding the dignity and respect of subjects or units of study and all other persons engaged in the research.
-Should be verifiable in that another person conducting the same research will obtain closely related findings if not the same.Should show originality by avoiding plagiarism.
-Should be measurable by using the tools that gather quantitative data.

A good sociological research is achieved by following the below steps during the conducting of the research:The first step is identifying and describing a problem,a concern or a sociological issue within a society so as to conduct the research on that particular issue.

Secondly, one should gather data and organize it appropriately.This is achieved by understanding all information gathered before concerning a particular problem for example,when did it first become a concern,to whom is it a concern.Global,national and local impact of the problem.

Third step to follow is formulate the goals for your research such as what to achieve at the end of research.In your goals you should consider hypothesis and objectives.A good example of goals one may consider is the relationship between income and frequency of poaching in Kenya.the goals should be actionable.

The fourth step is that one should gather his or her research.This done by administering the tools to relevant respondents or subjects.This

may be done by applying the following methods;
a)Filling in of the questionaires.
b)Recording of observations.
c)Taking photographs.
d)Sampling methods.
Data should be collected from primary sources(data obtained by oneself).

The fifth step is on data analysis.The data collected is subjected to statistical procedures that generate coefficients(numbers that describe extent of a relationship) that enables a researcher to make a conclusion.Analysis of qualitative data is done through content analysis.

The sixth step is drawing conclusions from the data analysed.Conclusions are made either by making findings on what people may say considering the meaning of statistical coefficient.Conclusions made should reflect the truth of the problem,social issue or the concern and the various methods os solving the problem within that society.

The last step is documentation and presentation by publishing and conference presentations of the research reports.

Sociological research may either be quantitative or qualitative.Quantitative method of research uses data that are expressed in figures or percentages while, qualitative method of research uses data expressed in narrative form.

Other methods of sociological research may include:
i)Action research that proposes causes of action to be taken to address a given problem within a society.
ii)Exploratory research which aims at finding out and explaining why a certain issue exists.
iii)Causal effect research aims at investigating causes and effects of a social problem thus resulting to a problem tree.
iv)Ethnography which is a term and in depth dealing with the study of life of people in their natural setting.
v)Case study is also a method of sociological research which is a specialized study of a single case
using varied methods.For example,conducting a case study of a factory.
vi)Longitudinal study as a method of sociological research is the study of a sample of people in which information is gathered or collected from the same people at intervals of time over a long period of time.

Sociological research mainly brings about development within a society by controlling problems within that society by raising up the issues and the actions to be taken in control of the particular problems.Development organisations also utilizes research data and make decisions on how much resources to be allocated to add identified issues bringing about equality in the society.

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