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How to remember anything.


Date Posted: 12/25/2017 10:39:03 AM

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We learn a lot our entire life,but we don't know everything because we forget.

Why do we forget?
Our brain is like a hard drive the space is limited,if you don't repeat you forget.
Just one hour after learning something new,we forget almost half of what we had learnt.
To keep information in your head for a longer time you need to try to put it into your long-term memory.This is possible through memorization.

Art of memorizing;

1.Try to understand what you learn.
If you don't understand what you learn,all will seem a nightmare,for instance if you forget one thing you forget the rest because you have memorized the order of words and understood nothing.

2.learn the most necessary information.
You have to set priorities right.Don't fill your mind with the unnecessary stuff and leave no space for the necessary information.Focus on the key parts,this will help in memorizing the information.

3.Interference theory.
This theory states that forgetting is caused by two competing memories.Retroactive interference occurs when new information interferes with the retrieval of old information,the proactive interference occurs when old information interferes with the retrieval of new information.Switch from one activity to another,do not read continuously.

4.Learn opposite things.
If you forget one thing the other one will help you remember.

5.Build your own mind palace.
Associate certain things with a certain place,for example,you can associate certain information with certain things in your room.

6.Use nail words.
The idea of this technique is to nail one thing to another,for example if you want to memorize the word nail,look for other associated names like wall,hammer,door.

7.Make up stories.
If you need to memorize a lot of information in a particular order try to put the pieces into a story and let the

pieces be connected in a way.If you forget something you can try to remember what was to happen the next part of the story.

Use your body language while learning,it will help trigger your muscle memory.

9.Modify information according to the taste of human mind.
Do some creativity on it and make it attractive,make it to catch your attention and by this forgetting will be hard.

10. Reprogramme your mind to put attention to the desired things.That is,the things that matter most.

11.Recall your all day routine before sleeping.
For example,what was taught in the first,second,third..lecture and so on.This will help you to pay attention because mind will be sending a pop-up because it will be required to answer at night.

Tip: When looking for answers on a certain topic,one should first read the questions and then read the chapter,by this the mind acts as a magnet attracting the answers.It tells your mind where to focus and where not.

By following all those 11 art of memorizing,you will be able to remember things easily.

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