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Methods of Technical Philosophy


Date Posted: 5/6/2018 3:09:40 AM

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Some of the prominent methods used in studying technical philosophy are as follows;


This was derived from the Greek word"krincin"meaning to judge.It involves subjecting of values,facts,princoples,conversationand assumptions usually taken for granted to severe questioning.This is meant to encourage honesty of thought.It seeks to protect man from fantacism,hypocrisy,intolerance and dogmatism slogans and ideologies in order to liberate him from narrow mindedness and meanness of vision.This method assumes that there is no end to seeking the truth about reality.


This method emphasizes the need for logical and systematic thinking.Its knowledge is based on pure reasoning.It consist of analysis and synthesis.Analysis method has to do with breaking issues into parts and by power of systematic and logical thinking so as to arrive at a clear understanding.On the other hand,synthesis has to do with putting together the various parts of an idea to form a whole.It complements philosophical analysis.Its limitation is its role reliance on the mind as the source of knowledge neglecting ordinary sense experiences.Rationalists are regarded as idealists who do not live in the real world.


Originated from Greek word"phenomenon"meaning appearance and "logia" meaning knowledge.It designates the study of appearance especially if they are sustained and penetrating.It considers the actual staring point of investigation to be the actual things as they appear in their essential reality through experience.Things will appear different from one person to another.


It helps to answer the'why'questions.To speculate is to make an intelligent or rational guess. Endeavours to challenge the human mind as far as possible to its ultimate limits in trying to understand what is apparently incomprehensible.Man is not satisfied with knowing what happens to him,he also wants to know why.Basic issues of concern in life are; death,suffering and happiness.There is no simple answer and many people explain or clarify them in religious terms,beliefs

in religion will give the final answer.Philosophers prefer to explain these issues by use of human reason.Speculation is very well utilized in a research hypothesis.


In this method,one is totally involved in an activity.A person actively participated in shaping his own destiny. Inventiveness and creativity are thus advocated in this method.

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