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How to improve your grades


Date Posted: 3/30/2018 11:31:20 AM

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You must admit that people are very different in terms of abilities. When it comes to education, everyone is unique. We all have our unique strength and weaknesses. My weakness can be someone else’s strength and that means that we dearly need each other for us to succeed.
The worst mistake many people make in life is that they start to view other people who are better than them as their enemies. We should actually make them our friends so that we can learn from them. As a student, you can play the role of a spy for you to succeed in the subjects that you’re poor in. Get close to that your fellow who is always ahead of you and learn something from him/her. It’s important that you study them and know what makes them the best and put it into practice.
If you want to upgrade your scores then there are number of factors that you must consider and put them into practice. I know everyone would want to be the best though in reality there must always be someone to beat you. Competition is very good but only the smart can win. Academic has nothing to do with physical strength and so the competition is somehow very fair though your background and environment may be a barrier or advantage. Here are some of the tips to consider;

1 Be organized
One thing you must always do to succeed is to be very organized. Being organized will help you avoid procrastination. Organize yourself in a very smart way. Be clean always, be punctual and plan very well. Being organized will also help you to plan appropriately and will help you avoid falling into uncalled for scandals with both your fellow students and your teachers.

2 Plan yourself
Everything we do

in this world needs proper planning. Have a timetable as the first thing and make sure you follow it, otherwise it would not make any sense. Your timetable should be different from the normal school timetable but should include it. Meaning, you need to draw a timetable that will not clash with the school timetable. In that table ensure all the subjects are included and are properly balanced.

3. Set goals
Set realistic goals. You should have short term, mid term and long term goals. Know what you want to achieve in every subject and in a specified period. The goals should be very realistic.

4. Have the right people and the right materials.
As the say goes, that birds of the same feathers…let friends choose you and not you choosing them. They’ll choose you after having studied you for sometime and seen that you’re moving to the same direction with them. Have the right company. Look for the right materials that can help you achieve your dreams and goals. Make library your home.

5. Friends
Make friendship with teachers. Be close to them but have a boundary. Let them give you the materials you need and consult with them anything you need to know but always be relevant. During your holidays, don’t waste time on non-profiting activities. Make friends with those who are performing better than you are and are stronger/smarter than you in certain areas and learn from them. You can also form groups with them.

Be very disciplined. Be very prayerful, without God everything is vanity. Know what you want and go for it. Put all the negatives aside and move on. In as much as you might have challenges don’t loose hope, we all have unique abilities.Be attentive while in class. Identify your weaknesses and your strength, work on your weaknesses and perfect on where your strength is. Always be ready to learn.

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