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Lasting Contribution of Egyptian Education System


Date Posted: 4/12/2018 8:43:16 AM

Posted By: celestinemuchika  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 625

The Egyptian system of education was successful in achieving its aims for more than 300 years . It has had a long lasting contribution to modern education in Various fields such as Literature,agriculture,architecture,mathematics,medicine and writing as discussed below;


Egypt was the first civilization to use writing on large scale.They wrote hieroglyphics(pictures), hieratic(sound systems).The two forms of writing are widely used everywhere in the modern society.


The Egyptians developed the rudiments of the present day paper by use of papyrus reeds that were abundant in the Nile valley.


These two arts have been borrowed heavily from the early Egyptian forms.There art was brightly coloured so do the modern art.


It was highly developed in ancient Egypt.The building of pyramids and tombs required highly specialized skill and knowledge in architecture.
Similarly,in modern building and construction,one is required to have Better skills and knowledge in architecture before designing structures such as roads,towers,electric railway lines.


Egyptians used a complex mathematical system known as the Egyptian method to compute the twelve months calendar based on the floods of Nile and the knowledge of Astronomy.The Egyptian calendar is still in use in the modern society. Egptians also came up with several methods and formulae for calculating distance,area,volume,mass and force.This methodologies and formulae are being used widely today in the field of mathematics.


The book of surgery,demonstrates their keenness in the field of medicine.They had advanced knowledge by contemporary standards of surgery and blood circulation. Mummification of the dead also demonstrate their knowledge to preserve the dead.All these techniques are used by modern health expatriates.

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