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Previewing Library Reading Material


Date Posted: 4/12/2018 8:10:00 AM

Posted By: celestinemuchika  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 625

There are many types of reading materials in a library.A reader must employ certain strategies in order to identify and locate relevant reading materials in the library.previewing reading materials refers to the process where a reader evaluates or judges various reading materials with the view of selecting the best out of many.This is done basically looking at the four sections of any textbook which include:

Front matter

The book itself

Back matter



These refers to preliminary pages of a textbook.Usually numbered in lower case Roman.The front matter has the following:


These are statements that explains what the book is all about.

*Table of contents

The relevance and comprehensiveness of book is indicated in the table of contents.Therefore,as a reader,the section will tell you wether the book has the topic you are looking for.

*Title of the book

The title of the book and publication details such as year of publication should be previewed to determine the relevance of the book.

*Copyright notice

This refers to the warning for republication of the author's work.

*ISBN number
(International Standard Book Number)

For example 0-5013-7471-8


It has the following information:


This refers to the beginning of the author's work or at times may be a summary of the whole book.


Good authors ensure that they use illustrations to demonstrate certain ideas in their work


Good authors ensure that their book is subdivided into titles and subtitles

*Level of language

A Simple and straight forward language Should be used so that readers are not destructed by difficult and technical vocabulary.


This refers to information that comes after the text itself.It includes; appendices, Glossary and bibliography.


Refers to the information that appears at the back page of any textbook.It has the following;
*Educational background of the author

*Experience of the author

*Any other previous publication by the author.

The blurb therefore is important in having knowledge on the author and assisting the reader to

evaluate that materials.

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