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Types of Education Taught in African Countries


Date Posted: 3/28/2018 11:28:31 AM

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The African traditions as far as education is concerned is as described below:

African indigenous education originated in Africa ,it owns little , if anything at all factors external to Africa. African indigenous education also includes educational theory ,Albeit of general referred to educational practice that was seen as devoid of meaning and lacking theory or thought to justify it that why it was thought to be an empty concept according to Bernnarsa and Njoroge 1986.

According to Robin Horton ,of Ife University Nigeria ,indigenous ways of thinking were not invitational or emotional expression of simple minds;on contrary they resemble the modes of thought that are usually associated with scientific theories .In this indigenous education , educational practice is more important than educational theory.This education was highly value oriented but was merely concerned with survival values ,which center around man's basic needs ,such as food ,drink health and sex, thus it points to a true philosophy of education.

The Islamic tradition in Africa. It was mainly in West and East Africa.It was greatly concerned with the transmission of Islamic religious values and provided the required socialization and initiation into the Islamic way of life that is similar all over the Islamic world.It was literate in character compared with African tradition .Furthermore ,there are relationship between the Islamic and christian tradition since both emphasized the authority of the sacred scriptures,like Quran and Bible.Islamic tradition values were mainly religious and moral values ,as derived from the Quran ,the prophetic tradition and Islamic law.

The western tradition In Africa. It encouraged the idea of seven liberal arts ,namely logic,rhetoric geometry,arithmetic,music,poetry and Astronomy.Liberal education was encouraged in academic institutions since it valued knowledge .This kind of academic learning was pursued and enjoyed mainly by those who could afford the time ,for example the aristocracy, by the free citizens of Athens and by those of Rome .The term school has been derived from the word schole meaning free time or leisure time.The idea of technical or practical education was derived from the word techne which was used to refer skills and crafts.Similarly there are some of the measures which were put for the speed of English in Africa.First, secondary schools were established in the British colonies which strongly resembled and were in fact modeled on the English public schools in Kenya.The main goals of this schools was education for the Christianity elites where the study of western civilization and of Christianity occurred .

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