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The fallen nature of man; God's redemptive plan


Date Posted: 2/5/2020 1:10:56 AM

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It is in the human nature to fall. To err is human, they say. And as much as we strive to be at our best, we will always have something that's limiting us from reaching perfection. and that is especially when we have not identified with the one who perfects us in our weakness. God's intention is that all people will come to the knowledge of Him. God's desire is that we walk in ways that are pleasing in His eyes.

The Israelites are a good example of the fallen nature of man. This is depicted in the book of Judges which is set at a time when the Israelites set their feet in the promised land, Canaan. Joshua, who led them into the promised land, is dead and hence the only reliable and supreme authority above the Israelites is God Himself. And probably the elders, who of course needed someone, an intermediary, a leader who would lead the Israelites.

In Canaan, the Israelites do not honour God's command of destroying the Canaanite gods as well as their places of worship. (Judges 2:1-3) God knew that they would soon be ensnared by these gods and that is why He recommended total destruction. As a matter of fact, it for this reason (idolatry) that God was driving out the Canaanites and bringing in the Israelites. Having not honoured their promise, God promises to retain some of the Canaanite nations which would be hostile to them. (Judges 2:3)

Eventually, the Israelites get initiated into idolatry and they depart from the ways of God, doing as it pleases them. This angers God who in turn uses the neighbouring Canaanite nations to execute His punishment on the Israelites. Indeed, the Lord chastens those He loves as sons, just as Hebrews 12:6 puts it. The Israelites suffer in

the hands of their enemies and in their suffering, they remember God and call unto Him for help. Being a merciful God, He hearkens to their cry and raises up judges to act as leaders or saviors for their sake. (Judges 2:16)

Although judges are in place, the stubbornness of the Israelites persists. This simply means that not even human authority can solve the problems that man has. No human authority can be able to completely fix the fallen nature of man. Only God has that ability. The Israelites would sin, get punished, then they would cry to God for help but still forsake the ways of God. In essence, the whole scenario can be described through a fourfold cycle:

Apostasy- the Israelites do what is evil in the sight of God.
Servitude- God allows the neighbouring nations to conquer and oppress them.
Supplication- the people cry out to God for help.
Salvation- God sends a judge to deliver the Israelites.
This is a picture of the way things are even today. It simply reveals the fallen nature of man.
However, God has a good plan for mankind. He is the merciful and gracious God. He desires that we remain close to Him. But it is impossible to be close to God when we are still in sin. God hates sin and hence to be close to him, we should embrace righteousness. It is only unfortunate that we often ignore what is right even when we know what is right to do. According to James 4:17, that is sin. Perhaps you will ask, is it possible to live a holy life? The answer is Yes! If you asked David the Psalmist, he would refer you to the ninth verse of Psalms 119. The way to keep our way pure is by living according to the word of God, just to paraphrase. And because the word of God is like a lamp unto our feet and a light for our paths, it will be very impossible to go astray if we live according to God's word.
The fallen nature of man has its roots in the Garden of Eden where man disobeyed God. That brought sin to the earth the entire human race. As a result, we are all born sinners/ fallen; the wages of which is death.(Romans 6:23) On the other hand, God's redemptive plan still had its roots in the Garden of Eden. God would raise an offspring that woukd crush the head of the serpent. This is a foreshadowing of the victory that would be wrought through Jesus Christ on the cross. With Jesus comes life in abundance. It is the reason why He came. (John 10:10)
In the fallen nature, the world remains chaotic. We will continue singing the songs of leaving a better world for our kids. Yet at this rate, it would actually be necessary to leave better kids for the planet. The current young generation cannot do anything different if there is no difference and change in their own lives. It calls for transformation rather than just a revolution. If a revolution is to come, let it begin with transformation from within. Let's start with a transformational revolution. How does this transformation come?

Jesus Christ is the only one who has the ability to fix the fallen nature of man. He is the one who can empower us to live right because on our own we cannot. That calls for total submission and surrender to God; in humility. The redeeming work of God was done on the cross. To redeem is simply to pay a price for something so that you can have it back. Jesus purchased us with His blood. We are no longer slaves to sin which is a fallen state and nature. That is why when we receive Christ, we acquire a new nature and the old is taken away. When we are in Christ, we choose to follow His righteous ways and put away the old self. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

In order to have Jesus Christ in our lives, we have to believe in Him and accept Him into our lives. Otherwise how else would you allow someone into your life when you don't even believe in them? Let alone knowing them. The gospel according to John 1:12 says that all who received Him, who believed in His name were given the right to become the children of God. Jesus also promises us the Holy Spirit who reminds us the things that He has taught us. Therefore, we have every reason to be glad that we have been rescued from falling because the Holy Spirit is our helper. He dwells within us and brings to remembrace everything that God has told us in His word. He is our Counsellor and comforter. (John 14:16-17; 25-26)
The Israelites had the law but they still transgressed. Yet in these times, God has written His law in our hearts.(Jeremiah 31:31-33) What a privilege! They would be punished for their own sins yet for our sake, Jesus bore the punishment for our sins.

Although we are prone to fall, according to God's riches in mercy and grace, we can always access the mercy seat whenever we sin. Nevertheless, God requires a total turn around from sin. God desires that we embrace the righteous ways. He does not desire that the sinner dies in their sin. Is there anything that is holding you back? God has already rolled out His plan of deliverance. It's not too late to come to God.

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