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Because of man's greed, curse came upon him


Date Posted: 1/10/2013 4:57:47 AM

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After God had created man, He gave him dominion over everything. All the animals, creeping things and vegetation as well were subject to man, including the soil. They were to rule with God as children of the royal family. Everything was provided in abundance and the only work of Adam was to oversee the works of God, to have authority over everything that had been created.

Shortly, the woman was created to help Adam in his duties. Together with Eve, they lived peacefully until man decided to steal from God-yes, i mean stealing from God. God had warned them not to eat the forbidden fruit in the middle of the garden of Eden, unfortunately, man was deceived by his own selfish needs, to steal the fruit God had warned about.

As a result, man became guilty when he heard God calling in the cool of the day. Because of eating the fruit(that is going against God’s commands), man was punished severely. The soil that was rich in everything was cursed, man was told that he would toil to be able to feed himself, and the woman was to feel excruciating pain during labor. Besides that, there was enmity between man and wild animals, the snake was given the authority to bite the heels of man while he was to crush his head.
This is where the law of scarcity comes to play. The law of scarcity is observed as man's attempt to fulfill his infinite wants with finite resources. Because of this theft, God was going to crank scarcity up a notch.

In Exodus 22 1-4, a thief was required not only to restore what he had stolen, but also to suffer a substantial loss too. In the event that he was not able to top up the extra payment, he was sold

to slavery until his services could compensate for what he had done. Now, just look at at how Adam was indeed punished according to the restitution law concerning theft.

Before Adam’s fall, due to the huge magnitude of blessings that was showered upon him, he could only make light work of maintaining himself, his family and the garden. This would free up much of his time so that he could focus on other things to help him grow into the real image of God. Indeed, he would have grown spiritually and truly develop into what God wanted him to be-maturing into the very image of his creator.

It is worthy to note from this story of creation that the punishment of theft focused on the abundance of man. All of a sudden, Adam would spend the rest of his life toiling just to put food on the table, clothes on his bare skin and a shelter on top of his head. God even allowed the whole of creation to rebel against him so that he would experience what it feels like to toil in the midst of rebellion.

In fact, the curse brought enmity and fear between man and creation so that the crops no longer yielded as they were supposed to, the soil rebelled by losing it’s fertility, the creeping things like the insects destroyed crops and spread diseases, and the weather patterns were altered affecting crop production and bringing fourth floods.

Unfortunately, in man’s desperate attempt to restore sanity to himself, he has only drifted away from God by sinning and sinning more. Today, our solution to theft is more theft to the level of government institutions leading to social injustice and inequitable distribution of resources. Our solution to debt is to immerse ourselves more and more in debt until we are ranked tops among the countries that owe huge debts. In our attempt to overcome bondage, we have only been bound to the extent that liberty is not a practical reality to us.

However, the good news is that man was given a second chance so that he could not say God was unfair. He provided a second Adam which is Jesus Christ, to redeem us from the curse. Until we understand this curse and it’s purpose, we will not be freed from it’s adverse effects. This responds to the question paused by many would-be-believers that if there was God, would He really let us suffer! The solution is in accepting his son Jesus Christ so that we are able to free ourselves from the curse.

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