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Supervision is key in the modern education system


Date Posted: 1/20/2020 1:49:54 AM

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Throughout the history of time,education and learning in particular has never been more fun and thrilling to dive into as it is now in the present time,all thanks yo the new and improved system of learning labelled the modern education system.

Learning has transformed from what back then seemed like an endless punishment to this new and thrilling way of passing on knowledge through modern machinery and improved teaching styles.The moment you first walk into a modern high school classroom,you might resort to think perhaps you mistakenly walked into a company's shareholders meeting.Students dressed in fitting trousers and a long sleeve shirt seated round a high class table,each with a tablet and a notebook in their hands,their eyes fixed at the teacher using a pointer to explain a certain topic with the help of a projector.In the background sound of an air conditioner is heard from a distant.Witnessing all this one can easily breathe a sigh of relief knowing we are headed in the right direction,but are we?

Just as the use of modern machinery has boosted the education sector significantly in the mission to provide quality education to all,likewise it has its drawbacks which are imminent.The sight of students operating computers while jotting down notes as the lesson progresses is a delight to the eyes,however this turns to a worry when the students are operating computers and other machines without the supervision of a teacher.What is even more troubling is when the teacher for one reason or another absconds from the lesson and leaves the facilities at the disposal of the learners,thereby unintentionally unleashing an infinite number of threats aimed at detering the students' learning progress.

In the split second of realisation of a limited freedom with the learning facilities,some students will venture into playing the pre-installed computer games,others

will rush to the internet to look up latest music videos of celebrities,some might even log on to chatting and dating sites while the rest might use the printers to print out uneducational material.If this unfortunately continues,it is bound to have a detrimental effect on the learners' progress.Some teachers in the midset of 'letting the student think for himself' send students to research and find answers on the internet.Though it is true that the internet has proved to be resourceful over the years in impacting knowledge,it can also be a waste of time when searching for information especially if the user is not familiar with the useful keywords to help in finding the information.The internet is home to unlimited information and locating a piece of information may prove to be the task of finding a needle in a haystack without the supervision of someone who knows how to navigate between pages and articles.A baterry when overcharged will likely explode,this is no different to when a learner seeking a piece of information is flooded with extreme amounts of information at the same time.

We cannot write off the achievements of modern education system.We are proud of the long way education has come to what it is today.Let us however not make the mistake of replacing people with technological advancements,in this case the people here are teachers.Technology alone cannot suffice to lead a student to educational success.Just like a blind man needs a walking stick to navigate his way home,similarly the student needs the teacher to show him to which he should tread on.

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