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Prayer is first an attitude of the heart


Date Posted: 11/18/2012 9:55:58 AM

Posted By: Joemburuh  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 71

If you are reading this I bet you are a person that values prayers.
Praying isn't just an expression that happens naturally, but it's something that you need to cultivated in your life. It's a sacrifice. It's not something you do when you want to, but it's something you must do as a christian.
Prayer is an attitude of the heart, but at times it might lead you to take certain postures or positions. In the scriptures, we find three main postures, i.e body, head, and heart positions.

Body positions are manifested in the following forms :-
a) Sitting down
We take it when we want communion with God. It's the position for meditation.
b) Standing
This is a posture used in congregations. It's a sign of respect.
c) Kneeling
It's a sign of humility and dependence on God. It's a position of petition.
d) Lying prostate
It's a sign of utmost respect.

Head positions - this posture is taken in the following forms :-
a) Bowing (to show respect and worship to God).
b) Lifting of hands
c) Lifting of eyes towards heaven (it's a sign of hope and expectations).

Heart positions - these positions are expressed in the following ways :-
a) By worshiping
b) Repentance
c) Humility
d) Gratitude
e) Praise
You will agree with me the heart position is the most important posture. God looks at the heart before anything else. Prayer is a heart to heart expression. Before you do anything, work on your heart first :-)

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