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Christian living in campus


Date Posted: 2/22/2018 1:14:15 PM

Posted By: Jonmhumble  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2362

In campus no one is over the control of your life. You are the driver of your own life. The actions that you take always have the consequences which might be positive or negative. Therefore, my dear friend while taking any action first rethink and find out whether that action will have positive or negative consequences. If the consequences will be positive then proceed with it and if it will be negative drop it instantly.

Many youths waste their Christian life when they join the campus. Most fall in this trap trying to imitate the so called "celeb" in the institution. Other move away from the Godly way due to the friends they get at the school. These are the people who will force or seduce you to move away from the Christian life. Sure this expression is true "show me your friend and and I will tell your character". Sometimes I get irritated by someone who was so innocent in the first year but at the third year he or she is a drug addict. In my view there is no pleasure on drugs but is only a waste of energy, time and resources. Many youths get indulged in drug thinking of of short term happiness but in the long run in has got so many negative consequences compared to the benefits. This leads them a very miserable life.
Therefore I urge you my brothers and sisters choose your friend wisely. He or she can change your life or ruin your life completely. Don't ever try to live someone's life. Remember that you will only live your life once and if you will waste it especially at your youthful stage it's gone and you will be regretting the whole of your life.

To live the best life, you must follow an example

of life of Christ. Live a life that is pleasing to God. The life of being a celebrity will just lead you to a life of a non - christian. When you get to campus choose the friends who will take you near God closer and closer each and every day. The friends who will show how to spend the leisure time in the Godly way. It is during the leisure time that most people will do activities that will widen the gap between them and God. This is the best time that you should thrive to do activities that will take you closer to God like visiting children's home, visiting the sick, helping the aged, doing church services such as cleaning the church and arranging the chairs. By doing these and other activities you will be rewarded by God greatly.

Christian life is a life of prayers. When you are in campus there are a lot of temptations. As a Christian you should pray always to evade these temptations. Pray always to long for God's guidance in all your actions. Prayers are very useful and powerful for God's intervention and fight temptations or satanic ways.

Let your actions speak your character. Actions speak louder than words. As a Christian live a life that is in accordance to the word of God. You cannot advice people to live a pure life while your life is opposite that. One can lead well by setting a good example.

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