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Letting go of worldly pleasures


Date Posted: 8/7/2013 3:50:41 AM

Posted By: Brendah Aroko  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 3317

This world has very many pleasures, very interesting and colorful things that are pleasing to the eyes and most of us are drawn to these things because of greed and selfishness. When you see the people around you having so much fun and you just watch them we tend to feel jealous and wish that we would be like them but what we fail to realize is that no man can be equal to another or even similar to another. This tells us that in as much as the experiences of others may be satisfying to them, they may not be so to us and we might not see the joy in them because we are so different.

In colleges and universities we find a group of people who love having fun and they go to parties all the time, on Fridays they flock the clubs and they drink their hearts out. These people find so much joy in those things and they would try as much as possible to convince someone else to join them so that they can go to such ventures together. I have seen innocent freshmen and women joining campus with so much passion for books and they end up being drawn to such pleasures by their friends, most of them try out so that they can be happy like their friends but they don’t find any pleasure in such things. We have those people who drink and party and smoke because they want to fit into a particular class of people within their institutions of learning, these girls and boys are disgusted by what they do but they hold on hoping that at some point it will be fun and that they will also be the kingpins of such activities.

The bible warns us against being conformed

to the world and trying to be of this world because all this is just but for a season and very soon we will have to forsake all the joys and pleasures here and leave for our promised land which is heaven above. In as much as Christians who have been brought up in the light would leave the truth and join the darkness of this world, they will never find so much pleasure in what they do because of the guilt in their minds, usually their conscience will stay clear and it will always remind them of what they have known all their lives. Most people who have backslidden and who have left their Christianity and have decided to be pagans, usually have a rough time conforming to the world because it all becomes a struggle for them and they try so hard not to care but they still find themselves thinking of their sins and mistakes and having a guilty conscience.

Ones you have the truth which is the word of God, you automatically become a peculiar people and you live a life that is quite different from that which those who have not received the light lead. Christians are set apart for a purpose, a mission that they must fulfill and they have to be different and try and emulate the character of Jesus Christ in order to draw more people to their light. When you have that light you have the advantage of being able to balance your reasoning and come up with a wise decision. The Bible also tells us that we should not do things that are not beneficial to our lives, things that only waste our time and energy. Some people would argue that taking alcohol and smoking is not sin and they will try to convince others that they are happy and that they have no complains but what benefit do these things have in your life, they do not quench your thirst, they don’t make you full when you’re hungry in fact they make you hunger even more and the make you spend so much, they make you go through embarrassments and shame all your life. These things don’t have any value and they don’t add any value in life but we still cling to them because they are the trending lifestyle. Most people drink to have class and this is very absurd because ones you drink you lower your level of thinking and so that class that you are chasing after will leave you when you’re still sobering up.

There’s an article I read a few weeks back that was talking about the culture of drug addiction in Europe and they were saying that the young people in Europe have followed the steps of their parents and grandparents because when they have parties they use drugs in order for them to be able to tolerate each other. Most of the people interviewed found their extended family so unbearable that they had to take drugs and be drunk in order for them to have fun during family reunions and other such parties. Their grandparents started this trend long ago and it has been there since. So in Europe it is not a strange thing to do drugs and most of them have no one to be accountable to because the older generation passed there too. The author of this article was saying that drugs were invented during the world wars when the soldiers were drugged in order for them to have the guts to kill their rivals and in order for them to be able to forget about their family issues when at war. Most of these drugs were injected into their veins and when they started sobering up they would be given another dose and most of these people even after the war were addicts and they ended up spending their benefits and salaries on drugs and getting high and they died miserably in poverty and this makes the issue of drugs having no benefit even clearer for us.

Worldly pleasures last for a season and when we give ourselves the satisfaction of conforming to them then we are giving ourselves an automatic ticket to death. These are all traps that the devil set in our way so that we may trip and fall and never rise again. The devil is deceptive and he will use all means possible to draw more people to his side so that when God comes only a few will go to heaven and so that he will have an even bigger group that will burn in hell within. Most people have fallen into these traps and they don’t realize that the end is near and that they need to abandon all these worldly pleasures and seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness.

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