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Improving Leadership: Three Crucial Elements


Date Posted: 7/31/2021 8:20:47 AM

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The key to success is excellent leadership. You must be able to communicate well in order to be a good leader. Consider any modern-day great leader: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and John F. Kennedy instantly spring to mind. They were effective leaders because they could inspire others to follow them. Their ability to explain their vision was crucial to their success in accomplishing their objectives. You must be the leader in your organization who motivates the team to achieve greatness. To persuade people to follow you, make sure they understand your beliefs and goals and then provide an atmosphere in which they can thrive and grow.

When I discuss values, everyone nods as though to say, "Of course, Kerri." However, when I look into this further, I discover that the last time they shared their personal and professional beliefs with their staff was usually during the interview process before their employees were ever employed.
To lead successfully, you must have a firm understanding of your personal beliefs as well as the values of your business. Do the answers to these questions, for example, spring to memory easily?

1. Who are you and what are your values?
2. What are your top priorities?
3. How do you want your life to reflect your values?

1. What are your core values?
2. How far are you ready to go to gain new business?
3. What do you refuse to do?
4. Do you have a mission statement for your company?
5. What do you consider to be your life's mission?

Quality leaders do not compromise their beliefs over time or in pursuit of short-term gain. Long-term success requires a solid foundation of basic corporate value systems that are consistent. Your values, in a simple sense, are the game's rules. A clear value system simplifies decision-making and motivates your staff to follow

your example.

It's simple to claim that your company has a vision. It's your blood, and you're well aware of it. The next stage is to jot down your thoughts. It's also essential to share it broadly with your staff. More significantly, your company vision must give a unified picture so that everyone on the team, regardless of job function, understands where you're headed and how critical their contribution is in getting there. As a result, the simpler the concept and the message (i.e., short and simple), the more likely you and your team will be able to reach the goal. Three questions should be answered by your vision. And it must respond to those three questions for the entire team.
1. What exactly do we do?
2. How are we going to go about it?
3. Who do we do it for?

This isn't a 30-minute, one-meeting activity, as Jim Collins demonstrated in his book From Good to Great. This will need complete involvement. It cannot be a choice made from the top down. It should be iterative and open-ended.

Before his intellect can perform its best, the original and extraordinarily capable man's heart must be captured and kept, according to Andrew Carnegie. You can serve your team members and help them to realize their greatest potential if you understand what they are passionate about. Recognize and appreciate their individuality. Internal customers are the people who work with you. You must serve them in the same way that you treat your external clients. This is the most advanced degree of customer care.

Create a positive work atmosphere and you'll have a devoted staff to lead. That means you'll need to build a work atmosphere that values everyone, recognizes and rewards their efforts, and promotes a willingness to adapt. Create a safe environment that encourages people to attempt new things. Each team member has a stake in the result when personal creativity is unleashed. It's a setting that encourages development on all levels. When you combine all three components, you've got a recipe for inspiring excellence and achieving breakthrough success. Do it right now!

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