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Five most prolific platforms to earn money online


Date Posted: 9/22/2018 7:56:30 AM

Posted By: a_jerobon  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 522

Making money online is a dream that this generation would want to come true. The good news is, making money online is real and very easy. I am not here to make empty promises but that does not mean that I guarantee you wealth from earning online. Online earning is just like any other offline work that requires effort, hardwork and consistency in what you do. Anyone can work online, as long as you have a smartphone, laptop or tablet, an internet connection and can use the device without any trouble. The platforms include;

1. Google AdSense.
If you are vigilant enough, you must have seen that this days many sites and phone apps are filled with ads. I have seen peoples reviews when downloading apps from Google play store and most of them complain that this apps have many ads. There is a reason behind this, people are earning from them. If you have a website or blog, you can create a free google AdSense account. Google will provide you with a unique code to paste onto your website. The advantages of this is that google will monitor your account, tracking you page views, traffic and earnings. Also, there is no much of brain needed as it requires no upkeep or maintenance.

2. Offering online courses.
In our country Kenya, we have seen and heard many graduates complain that they have their degrees but no jobs. It is very understandable for them to complain but I don't understand why one should not try something else if they cannot get a job. A remedy for this is starting an online course where you teach others online on what you learnt in your course. We understand that there are people who were not able to join a college or university to

learn a certain course and so they search the internet, you can use the opportunity to offer a course online. You can also offer courses on other skills that you have. This may include cooking, freelance writing or a certain sport.

3. YouTube.
This a very good platform to earn online. It is most beneficial for those who like creating videos. You can create your own YouTube channel and upload those videos. You should take into account that you earn according to the number of views your content receives, therefore, you should create quality videos that people will love. It is so inspiring to see fellow Kenyans like Njuguna from the "Real house helps of Kawangware" benefit from uploading funny videos to YouTube.

4. Affiliate marketing.
It is a very easy way to earn online as you only need to refer people to buy certain goods and services. When you sign up for an affiliate program, you are provided with a unique affiliate code. After mentioning or sharing a product or service, you should link it using the affiliate code. Social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp are the best for sharing this products and services so as to gain more traffic and hence earn more. You can join Kenyaplex affiliate program and start earning online.

5. Online writing and forum discussions.
I have joined the two since both require proficiency in English writing. You should have good English that has minimal or no grammatical errors so as to start writing online. Online writing comes in three forms; online article writing, writing of ebooks and forum discussions.

The sites best for article writing here in Kenya include Kenyaplex, iwriter, freelancer, upwork and fiverr among others that you can find if you search. As for writing ebooks, you can publish one using Amazon and start earning.

Forum discussions are slow earning but good sites to interact with people from all over the world. The sites that pay for interaction include forum coin, the forum wheel, your cash chat and mylot. You can try this sites and start earning some extra cash.

In conclusion, online earning is so interesting and as I said earlier, it requires hardwork and consistency so as to achieve more.

Earn Online in Kenya.

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