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Things you should never do after attending an interview


Date Posted: 9/30/2019 5:22:41 AM

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The interview is one of the most tough stages in applying for an job opportunity. Spending money and time applying and later fail the interview is such a heartbreaking experience that no one would really wish to go through.
You can impress your interviewers but the way in which you handle yourself after the interview can be a hindrance.

Once you are done with your interview, avoid doing the following things;

1.Following too much

It is right to follow up after attending an interview, but do not overdo it constant phone calls, emails or multiple messages.. If you do this, you're going to turn off the hiring manager.

2. Changing your salary expectations

You might become so comfortable and opt to increase your salary at that time or immediately after the interview. This makes you to appear greedy which might become a contributing factor in failing to get the job.

3. Not following up

It is quite important to follow up on the progress of recruitment once you are done with your interview. You can do this either by a call, email or a message thanking the interviewers for their time and efforts. Avoid doing it so often as it might appear as desperation. Apart from showing gratitude, this also shows that you still want that job.

4. Sending a disrespectful message after rejection

Since rejection comes with anger and frustrations, do not send an offensive message to the company you were interviewed. This will only make things worse and you could end up being blacklisted from that organization on any opportunities that might arise in future.

5. Being too confident

Never show an interviewer that you are too confident. This can be termed as pride and might make you fail to secure the job.

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