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Ways of Fighting Corruption in Kenya


Date Posted: 1/14/2019 7:41:54 AM

Posted By: Justus mbindyo  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 672

Ways of Combating Corruption in Kenya

Corruption has been a major problem in our country. Corruption has caused the major drawbacks to the country’s development, which has led to continued lack of trust in many sectors. This being the problem, it can be curbed through the following ways as discussed below.

This is the action of recalling the government officers who are underperforming or those who are corrupt. This involves collecting signatures from the public to support his withdrawal from the position. When the required number of the signatures is achieved then they are taken to the respective bodies for its discussion and if found valid the person is sacked. When this is done to the government officers, it causes fear thus they will work with due honest to avoid their recalls. This can greatly reduce the levels of corruption since everyone seeks for his job security.

This involves payment of fair salaries according to the employees’ experience, giving fair allowances to the employees and ensuring fair promotions to all employees. For they steal to supplement their daily needs such as water, shelter and food for their salaries is not enough to pay for all these needs. When employees are given a good pay they find it hard to involve themselves in corrupt activities which may cause their job insecurity thus reducing the levels of corruption. For example, if our police officers were fairly paid they could not take bribes for they are content of the salaries Paid to them by the government.

This is where those who are alleged of corrupt activities are taken to the court of law to seek for the truth about the allegations and if found guilty they are punished to the extent of their acts. For instance, an officer involved in stealing public money should be

sentenced for some years and on top of that all the money in his accounts taken to cover for the amount loss as well as confiscation of his property. When this is done to several officers or employees it will pose fear among the others thus avoiding such activities which may land them in such instances.

The government should incur the audit expenses to enhance full scrutinizations of the accounts of different businesses as well as ministries to ensure that their financial records give a true and fair view of the firm’s financial positions. This will help in curbing the issues of tax evasions as well as encouraging maximum utilization of the public funds. After the audits where the deviations are found the accountable officers should be held responsible until they explain the sources of such deviations. The government should liaise with banks to examine every deposited money by different clients about their source against the activities conducted by the client and his job. This will help curb the corruption issues for it will be hard for the client to explain the source of such amounts if were made out of a corrupt Act.

The government should give derivatives to different employers to pose threat of hostile takeovers in different employment positions held by different employees if found engaging in corruption activities. This involves the act of offering such positions to other employees by sacking the current holder of such position. This will discourage employees from engaging in such activities which may lead to his job insecurity. On the side of companies the shareholders can threaten the management of hostile takeovers of the company or even the management so as to reduce their dirty acts.

Employers should create zero bribes environment for their daily operations. This can be achieved through installation of cctv cameras for monitoring internal company operations, installing systems that monitors the telecommunication services between the employees themselves and the outsiders in order to curb the connections that may be used to engage in the corrupt activities. In addition, employers should take harsh legal actions on the employees found taking bribes and threatening to sack them. This will help to reduce the level of corruption since employees will work hard to maintain their jobs as well as their reputations.

Citizens can join hands to come out in large numbers to show large scale support for or against a certain issue of concern. Demonstrations, rallies and protests can mark a powerful tool to fight corruption as the power of majority is highly listen to by the government thus marking an easy way for the anti-corruption campaigners.

Institutions should install strong management systems with clear procedures to be followed in the process of managing the institution properties and operation. This may involve installation of systems such as international financial management information systems as well as following international public sector accounting standards. In addition, companies and businesses should have a well laid down procedures on the ways of conducting its activities with clear cautions and warning about going against such procedures. This will help in increasing accountability in public and private expenditures which in turn increases transparency as it is possible to finger out the persons accountable and deal with them.

Our chosen leaders should pass bills which empower the institutions responsible for fighting corruption. This can be achieved through adequate financing, providing adequate resources as well as ensuring adequate human resource all time in the institutions as well as fighting for the independence of such institutions.

The government should give a mandate to punish corruption to the anti-corruption committees and institutions as it is core in curbing corruption in the country by applying uniform set procedures for punishing the people found guilty of corruption. There is no body who likes punishment so this will discourage employees from engaging in the corrupt activities for they fear the punishment thus reducing or eradicating corruption.

Encouraging openness in the use and utilization of public monies and property highly reduces the levels of corruption in the country. The government collects taxes and revenues as well as rents and rates on public land which should be utilized with the highest degree of openness. This can be achieved through public accounts audits and fair applications of the financial recording principles such as general accepted accounting principles, international public sector accounting standards and international financial reporting standards which gives clear procedures on the ways of recording transactions.

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