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The Path To Defining Your Own Life


Date Posted: 6/8/2019 12:24:04 AM

Posted By: Great Bryant  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 102

You are whom you decide to become, it is you alone with the power to live you dream, to achieve your lifetime goals, to be where the Lord has destined you to be. The same way you can flourish and live a life worth of emulation, you are responsible for your own downfall. Why play small when all the energy, potential power and success are right at the palm of your own hands? Do you really know that you playing small is what closes your great doors of greatness in your life? Wake up friend, abandon that mat of ignorance, take a step and walk into the light of defining your life with better and greater thoughts. It is about time you opened your own eyes wide enough to see beyond the sky for there is so much unrevealed, but yes it is open to only those that are ready and truly willing to focus and see that light.

In this life, it is you to choose the way to live your own life; it is your own plan. Allow no intruders into your life, take a pen and paper and write your life story today. Give no room for people to invade your life lest you regret all the days of your life on earth. A Christian could say, this world is not our home, but it is where we are and we ought to know how to go about this life. In the same faith one could say, “I am not of the world.” Well, this is plainly true, but, in the Gospel, Jesus Christ Himself - Son of God says the very same thing and adds onto it that, “I send you into the world to preach my word,” you see we cannot avoid to be on earth.

What is the message here? That we may not be in the right place at this moment but most important is that it is our responsibility to make this place a conducive environment for mankind as it is a preparation ground for our destiny. This does not exclude you, with this provocation, arise now and be whom you have to be. If you cannot do it now, then do it right now and if you fail, you are plotting your downfall.

The journey towards being yourself is the most tough as it involves your whole being, body and soul, to be where you should be and what you must be. There are so many voices in the world of today that may seem convincing but at last confuse you and throw you into a pit long and dark enough to leave you hopeless and unheard. This external interference is not just a phenomenon or theory, rather it is a reality that you must face in your search for your own identity. Let me remind you that you have the power to do away with all these enemies of destiny. Friends that may seem to be jeopardizing your genuine path to greatness are a barrier and you need to get rid of them, avoid them and move on. Never be apologetic for doing the right thing for your well-being, after all it is you living your own life, you make your own rules and regulations. Any negative influence is a virus to your desire to defining your own life. I therefore request that you desist from this today and open a new page of friends.
You are called to handle every situation with great caution, knowing that life is what you choose and for every choice there are consequences. A good number of people on planet earth cry foul every other day since they are living lives that they do not really love. The question is not who is responsible for their kind of life but rather why they are leading such lives. Truth is that these people never valued themselves in first place. They viewed themselves as too incapable of making appropriate decisions in life and decided to live false lives and this ignorance has placed them in a quagmire. They opted for a cheaper option of borrowing other people’s lives which is quite dangerous and costly. If you want to live a life of fulfillment, which am pretty sure you desire, do not copy the life of your fellow earthly denizen, otherwise you will die a poor man who never owned a sense of belonging. You need to know today that not all that seems appealing to the physical eye is really good, until you taste it you will never know. Why waste your time coating your life with other people’s ways of life when you have all it takes to design your own plan of life. Good news is that it is never too late to redefine yourself even after slipping away from your lane, as much as you breathe, you can still make a change.

Proverbs has it that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom. Amazingly true is that without knowledge and wisdom, no positive impact will come your way. I am not in any way preaching here but it is not a lie to say that human beings perish because of lack of knowledge. Yes, you need the intelligence necessary your decision making – to know what suits you and what does not in the course of finding out whom you really are. This knowledge does not just find its way into your life like it is a fortune, there is no such luck; wisdom dictates that you go in search of her and she will never part with you. You can openly conquer with me that institutions or centres of learning do not teach everything but in the school life all lessons are offered. This therefore calls for divine intervention, seek the Lord with all your heart, soul and might that He alone, the Supreme Creator and Provider may grant you this wisdom and the knowledge required to define your life perfectly. Share with the Most High God all your thoughts, plans, sorrows, difficulties and you will find rest in Him. There is so much power in prayer and this culture every human being enroute to success in any plans must have and cultivate.

Despite the fact that some people may come into your life to kill your dreams the ever Good Lord will provide you with people who will walk with you towards realizing your dream He will clothe you with loyal friends to keep you focused. This world that has bad people also has a great number of good people who are always waiting to be approached so that they may help in many ways according to the need. Your only task is to open up and speak to them, share your problems and they will be talked, this is how you get closer to your destiny. This also requires that you build trust these people so that you are not left frustrated and desperate. Choose wisely to whom you will go for a piece of advice on shaping your life or generation of ideas on handling different aspects of this life and the life to come. They must be your close friends with whom you must walk with for years and years towards attaining your life’s goals.

Talking of focus, it is the greatest ingredient in the search for your own identity. It is vital to what you really want and be committed to achieving it, give it all your concentration and blink not till you find it. Another thing is that you must take up challenges as they are, accept them, understand that they are meant to strengthen you and not demean you, but rather give us a new way looking at life however troublesome it may look. Just take a moment and adjust because some of these things are natural and we can never fight the laws of nature. Fear not to change the lane once you have not attained what you were aiming at, despair not but keep pushing as the reward ahead of you is so great. In observance of all these, your foes will be perplexed on seeing how you have flourished and they will face down. At this moment, pull a great move and help your enemies to achieve their own dreams well.
Arise and be yourself now!

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