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How to control anger in a friendly way


Date Posted: 2/23/2020 7:59:44 AM

Posted By: Glory98  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 12

Anger is a normal and emotional feeling that human being experience from time to time.The feeling of anger sometimes may be too much for most people to be able to control it and they may end up doing many dangerous ,unnecessary things .There are many ways of controlling anger and this are some of them;

Anger sometimes may not stop until the person involved speaks up.Keeping quiet to some people may be a key trigger in doing bad things and therefore it's advisable for a person who is angry to cry ,scream or look for a counselor or a person who she or he can talk to.Crying out also eases out the pain and at the end someone feels much relieved.

Exercising helps to keep stress and anger away.Exercises which keeps people moving such as running,bike riding and jogging helps a lot in calming the anger.To people who get extreme angry and they have difficulties in controlling themselves ,exercise is a better remedy for them.

Most people are caught up by anger in a middle of a conversation and controlling it might be tricky to them.The better way to calm down is to stop talking because the more that particular person continues to talk the more he or she gets irritated and ends up spiting out harsh words to the other person.This may cause unnecessary fight .It's advisable for someone to end the conversation and continue with it later when he or she is much calmer.

Breathing in and out is better and much easier way to cool anger.Isolate yourself for fifteen minutes and practice breathing in and out as you feel the air enter in your lungs.The more one repeats this exercise the calmer he or she becomes and at the end the anger

is controlled.

Taking nature walk and interacting with friends helps to calm down anger.This is because having fun and talking to other people brings in new exciting thoughts that may flash away the anger inside you.Experiencing new environment also clears our mind and mostly makes us happy and excited.In a more exciting way,we do end calming ourselves down and enjoying ourselves.

Repeating a particular word such as'relax' makes us calmer especially when we are about to take dangerous actions .The more you tell yourself to relax the more the anger ends up reducing bit by bit and therefore breaking a television or utensils may not be necessary after all.Let the word 'relax'hit your mind as many times as you can keep on saying it.

Searching for better way that controls your anger is more important because most of us get very angry and others get a little angry.Anger can end up being a more destructive emotion in human being but we should not let it control us but rather let us control it in a more friendly way.

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