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Five key elements to effective class management.


Date Posted: 11/2/2018 9:07:13 AM

Posted By: Refjak  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 122

Class management is a process that consists of key tasks that a teacher has to attend to in order to develop a conducive learning environment. Any class will have issues ranging from time keeping, discipline, learner participation, class work - like exercises or assignments to learners, among others. Or otherwise, it could prove difficult for learners to settle down and concentrate towards a common goal as a class. Below are the key areas every good class manager will consider.

Physical environment.
A good class management will comprise of a well organized physical environment. This is where chairs, lockers and tables are properly arranged to allow free movement of the teacher during instruction. Where a teacher can reach every learner in the class it will be easier for him to know the problems his individual learners face. As a result, solving such problems will be easier and the learners shall find it relatively simple to achieve their learning goals.

Rules and routines.
Norms are usually established to guide the general activities that take place during a class. Different classes may have different rules and routines depending on the instructor, teaching or learning methods applied, nature of the subject, where the lesson takes place and, probably, common sense. You should not expect total silence when the learning method used is group discussion. Or you expect zero movement when it is a Physical Education lesson. That may not work. The rules set should be simple to understand. They should as much as possible carry positive statements. Above all, their establishment should involve both parties, the teacher and the students. This ensures that the learners own these set rules and regulations, thus proving difficult for the learners to go against them.

Social skills
Teachers who manage their classes well and effectively advocate for development of students social skills. They set

an example to the learners by loving them all and expressing to them a caring attitude. This behavior is copied by the learners and as a result they assist each other during group discussions, assignments times, and any other time when assistance is needed. Learners possessing great social skills interact greatly. So, sharing of ideas and knowledge and skills is usually at maximum.

Effective class management will show a clear and consistent line of communication between the teacher and the learners. Teachers are known to their students by what they say and how they communicate to them. Even as we are assertive and stand to what we say as instructors, we also need to be responsive to the needs of others, in this case, the students. That said then, good class managers are those who are flexible and willing to accommodate reasonable requests.Discipline

Learners in an effectively managed class are generally disciplined. However, their discipline results from efforts and skills applied by the class manager. He identifies any undesirable behavior arising at any given time and stops it using appropriate methods. Good behavior will be defined by respect of the learners to each other, to the teacher and to themselves. Such learners take the teacher’s instructions without grip, do and complete class work in time and also respond positively to any other duty assigned to them by their teacher.

To sum up, a good class management gives room for learners to freely interact and focus on the learning goals within the allocated period of time. It also improves learners’ discipline and reduces goal blindness. It ensures that learners enjoy the best environment to learn. It is normal, therefore, that learners shall perform exemplarily well in academics and shall be produced all rounded to much the political and socioeconomic demands outside school and in the larger world market.

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