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The Fate of an 19 Year old


Date Posted: 1/14/2019 2:04:42 AM

Posted By: Piuswan  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 82

There I was so damaged I didn’t know where to head or who to turn to. They all had turned on me, I only had my grandma, brother and my loving girlfriend. For my girlfriend she was the true definition of selfless, she gave me hope in this harsh world. She always had my back I consider her a dream come true, such people aren’t easier to find.
I had to choose my cards well and play this game of life. I had dreams that gave me strength to soldier on. I would be some prominent in the society and being an empire. Some would be proud to be associated with me and others ashamed because all they did was put me down whenever I mentioned my dreams. I knew one day I would prove the wrong.
I set out to make my dreams come true, every milestone in life started with a single step. There I was looking for a job anywhere I would find one. Focused on becoming more of a freelancer than getting employed in a firm that would have me report to work every day, any job would do at this time I needed to pay my rent and finally sit for my driving test
I had a passion for cars not just cars but outstanding sport cars that had the driver with a thrust for speed. I knew all the cars brand and watched tutorials on how to drive the then exclusive super cars. I had a dream on putting up a car hire company but not your typical car hire company mine would have heavy pimped cars with hunnid sound systems and built in screens where the passengers would see the screens and also step on them because they would be fitted on the base of the

Information technology was my field, set out to digitalises’ the world by just a click on mobile devices. I had an idea of making an app that drivers would register their details and be called for work, by drunk car owners to driver them home, this app would curb the issue of unemployment and also reduce accidents on the weekend by drunk reckless drivers. I didn’t have a name yet for my app
I had a passion for art. I never liked a boring world, I was covered with tattoos I had a thing about them, with some little capital I would open a tattoo shop and hire my girlfriend and my tattoo artist as my artist on the shop. My girlfriend was talented and I saw potential with her talent. I was a dreamer, goal oriented and I would anything to see my dreams come true. Why not open a tattoo shop with the best artists I know around Nairobi? We all be bosses at our own talent and stand out to the outside world.
Those where my dreams at 19. was a lot for someone at my age, the urge for my dreams to come true and have a different life was burning I was not patient but I was persistent, had to make some moves to stand out as a BOSS in Kenya. With the right decision and persistent I would make it.
It wasn’t getting easy looking for a job, I had sent over sixty emails with no response. I had to pay my rent and have some little money for my upkeep. I didn’t know where or who to turn to. I set my eyes on the clear sky with the burning scorching sun, I thought everyone had a purpose in life or a destiny as how people called fate. I felt the pressure as everyone expected me to be independent and I longed for that feeling to be independent on yourself and be seen as a responsible man in the society.
One day I woke up toke my laptop with no hopes of getting an interview invitation on my email. I searched on google “best online jobs that pay via mpesa” the search result was seven firms I clicked the first which was kenyaplex, it was like a dream come true, there was no trouble in login or creating an account. All the facts on how to get money online through the website where laid out. I was more of a writer I choose the writing section.
Without wasting time, I set out on my computer to write an article. I was so excited and kept my fingers on the keyboard. The work flow was heaven sent, I didn’t struggle in writing because I had a passion for writing, it was the way I would express my thoughts and ideas to my friends and other people.
After three to four hours I had finished writing an article about my dreams at 19.i went to the portal and submitted my work and hoped someone would see my talent and help me nurture my writing skills. I had hope and faith on this quest.

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