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Everyone deserves respect from their spouse


Date Posted: 11/27/2012 2:48:34 PM

Posted By: meg soni  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2477

Disrespect in marriage is wrong, for instance where one insists on having their way despite how their spouse may feel. Love must be tough, therefore one should learn to put their foot down, demand respect from your spouse, demand that he take responsibility for his actions. Young people who are getting into relationships, discover how heavy a load a relationship is, if not handled with care, it can break a back.

Many young people almost break up because of the demands of relationships, many of which are unnecessary.Thinking because they are in love there are no boundaries is misguided and dangerous. Such thinking allows individuals to place demands on their partners' time, energy, finances. The solution is to lovingly resist the demands that you cannot comfortably meet. The expectation is that the partner will respect the other's position if it is within proper limits of reason.

The way to determine a person's character is how they react to the expression of their spouse needing such respect. People should not put up with insults, put downs, let downs from their spouses daily. The gradual decline, loss of emotional connection in marriage can be traced to disrespect between the spouses. One should respect those who they truly love because it is a recognition of their worth as human beings.

Unfortunately, especially in African settings, it is possible to disrespect people in the name of tradition and culture. Men therefore, find it easy to call their wives names, embarrass them in public, fail to keep their promises, cheat on them repeatedly, even physically abuse them and still claim to love them. But disrespect is not a man only problem; women too treat their husbands disrespectfully.

It would be more helpful to act when the first signs of disrespect are observed. Whatever circumstances one may be in; the

solution lies in speaking one's mind, saying no to cruelty, insults, lies, irresponsibility, verbal or physical abuse, emotional neglect or any other form of disrespect. This is a powerful statement for people who have had to endure difficult relationships due to their spouse's disrespect. It is important to note that being firm is ultimately about saving the relationship, not just asking for respect.

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