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If only we were modest


Date Posted: 12/19/2012 6:00:57 AM

Posted By: NyaxDa  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 376

Modesty is simplicity in oneself, that is, lack of pretentiousness. Confucius once said that, “A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.” Over decades, people around the world claim that being luxuriously smart can not only ordain your decency, but also keep one ranked high in the so called rotten society of ours. God created a simple man but he made himself more and more complicated as time passed.

People are deep asleep, not even cold water can wake them up and get the real picture of the world. No insomnia. What even amazes me most is that, people don’t realize that we don’t have time to circumlocute to bring out the theme of modesty in our society. In fact, modesty is one of the greatest virtue mankind can have.

There was a professional carpenter who was allotted to accomplish a given contract about two weeks ago. But, usually before anyone is assigned any job, capability test is the order of the day. Aware of what he was going to face, he was preoccupied by thoughts of how he was going to show himself off to the boss, in that case, my mother. He claimed that he had worked for many bosses and he is known all over for his satisfactory job. He even went ahead and gave us a list of the hotels he had made furniture. Whenever he was told of what was expected of him, he boastfully said, “Madam, it seems you are trying to intrude into my business. In fact, I am supposed to tell you what is required of me. And by the way, those requirements are way below average for a professional like me.” In the back of my mind, I knew that it is better to be praised than to

praise yourself of your substandard output. He told mum that the job allocated to him was to take two days and the agreement was sealed. Today, he was thrown away. Why? He had not done even a quarter of the job. You see, the things he used to say don’t reflect the outcome of the job come at all, not even a small similarity will be valid. We need not to praise ourselves. Let the good job we do praise us.

Although what we say may contain a modicum of our vast ability, trust me, it means a lot to the person you are addressing. In that short instance above, if the person did not brag about his ability, even if he did not do it to the expectation, the pressure on him would have not been as much as the one he had encountered today. He had totally let himself down. What people don’t realize is that, even in interviews, modest people are the ones who succeed. That is one of the many qualities that they look into a person. They succeed in life even more than braggarts.
Even in dressing, we tend to go according to the trends of the so called fashion to keep the ‘swag’ updated. Yes, fashion is everywhere. But why spend the precious time given to you to expense your face on the mirror, and take a modicum of a moment to build the nation? Take a moment and ask yourself whether dressing in a simple, basic way will kill you. It won’t even degrade you of your social status. In fact, dressing in a modest way is fashion that will never get outdated.
In conclusion, I say that if we decide to be modest in any way, life will be easier than we expected, just like a long time ago when you were a baby.

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