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Why wait until new year when you can start writing your resolutions even now!


Date Posted: 12/24/2012 6:16:02 AM

Posted By: fly1234  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 15

It's a custom for people to make New Years resolutions. A new years resolution is a dedication or a list of things that a person makes to attain a personal goals, projects, or reform from a habit. A grand difference from this set of goals compared to other goals is the idea that the New Year is the chance for a brand spanking new start. People strive for something more and the goals that they set for themselves make them feel much better. I haven't set mine yet, but i am planning to do so.

I have noticed people wait until the New Year, before they can write them down. Most stick to them possibly for a week and then gradually drift away from the goals they have set, which makes me wonder what is the actual reason behind waiting until New Years to start these resolutions and soon fall out? People make the goals and feel lovely about themselves for a short time period but I don't think they take it seriously. I challenge you to take yourselves and your goals more seriously by beginning your resolutions now; write them down, start them, and stick to them!

Recently, a friend injured my his knee. He purposed to get back his knee to full health by the finish of the year. He had a number of things to do the following year and he couldn't afford to miss out on some of his plans. I like him because he had a positive mindset, he focused on what he needed to achieve.

I think, of the most important things when writing your goals, is to recognize why you are making them and also understand what you can gain in case you stick to them and what you can lose in case you don't.

So when making your New Years Resolutions, make a few additional columns in your table that you will list in the next few sentences. First and foremost, the first heading you will have is your goal. Then the next heading ought to be titled; "Why?" There ought to be more headings after that which includes; "What I gain from sticking to my goal"; and "What I lose if I don't stick to my aim." I feel that writing your goals down, why you set those goals, knowing what you gain and lose from them will increase the likelihood of you sticking to those goals.

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