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Why the devolved governance system is the way to go for Kenya


Date Posted: 9/19/2013 1:09:22 AM

Posted By: Abudennis  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 840

Once Kenyans voted in the new constitution in August the year 2010; many and especially those that had been fighting for devolution of governance thought that finally their cry had reached its target. With the new system of governance prescribed in the new constitution; there was going to be the introduction of county governments, in which some functions of the national government were going to be offered at the county level. Kenya was therefore going to be marked into 47 counties by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). That was to be called devolution of power and resources.

A lot has happened since then. In the last general elections, Kenyans elected six leaders at a go. The six are the country’s president, the county governor, the county senator, the member of the national parliament, the women’s representative and the ward representative in the county government. For the very first time Kenya went into a general election in which peace, love and unity prevailed. Just several months into the new system of governance, political tussles about what should be done and not to be done has already filled everywhere. Duties and responsibilities of every leader and forms of leadership are well prescribed in the constitution.

Before the wrangles of who should be bigger or smaller than the other in the new structure of governance, here are among the advantages of devolution, which all Kenyans are yearning to enjoy.

1.There should be more Responsive Resource Management throughout the counties. Every county in Kenya has a unique ability or a resource which should be managed properly to benefit all people of that county. This aspect will be ensured if the county government processes provide the efficiency, transparency and certainty to support renewed investment in the counties. There are counties with national parks, animal reserves, mines

and large quarries. These resources if well managed are good sources of income to the counties and the nation as a whole.
2.Creation of Jobs and Business Opportunities by the local governments.
New jobs will be created throughout the individual counties as a direct result of devolution. The national government will also have new revenues to provide opportunities based on their specific needs. Such needs include security, education and health facilities.
3.There shall be new National Government Revenues. This will be the revenues collected from resource development on public land and co-ordinate land stewardship. This money can be used to improve life all round the country and the local communities. A large portion of these revenues will also go to governments budgets to help them grow, build capacity and meeting the community’s needs. Though all county governments will have to work very closely with the national government on issues concerning land. This asset has been a burning issue and a cause of conflicts in this country since independence.
4.Devolution is a good way to prove self reliance, ability and development. Within the counties we have adequate man power, both physical and mental of which if well used shall bring about development within the counties.
5.Easy Service Delivery. Some services of the national government are easy to access if brought closer to the people.

These, among many other advantages of devolution if well taken should ensure national development in this nation. Though; great caution should be taken to make sure that duties and responsibilities between the two types of governments do not collide.

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