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How to eliminate conflict from your life.


Date Posted: 9/20/2013 6:16:24 PM

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Conflict management

What is a conflict? A conflict is a disagreement between two or more people. In most cases, it results in rivalry or two or more people hating one another. There are so many factors that can cause conflict. Some of these factors include: jealousy, differences in how people think, greed, obsession and so many other factors which have a great potential of causing some kind of conflict between people. We have all had some kind of a conflict with someone, maybe it was with your parents or teachers. If not, then you must be lucky enough to win the lottery ten times. However, for those who have been in any conflict, they understand what I am saying when I say that the only thing that runs through your mind other than how to defeat your rival in the conflict is how to end it or resolve it.

Even in organizations, there might be some conflicts that arise every now and then. They might lower the quality of work in the organization so, it is very good for you to try and understand various ways in which you can eliminate conflict. Some of the ways that you can use to eliminate conflict are as follows.

1) Avoiding the conflict.
This is whereby you try and avoid getting into any conflict or getting into any more conflict and just trying to forget whatever conflicts you might be having with anyone. This is the best and most successful solution to a conflict.

2) Compromising.
This is whereby you negotiate with those you are in conflict with on a fair agreement of how the conflict can be ended. For example, if the conflict is about you not paying for the food you have eaten in a restaurant, they might give you a job there where you have to work as

a volunteer until you have paid back all that you must pay.

3) Winning whatever has made you to be in conflict.
If you are fighting over certain thing that has brought you into some sort of a disagreement with anyone, one of the other ways of ending this conflict is winning whatever you are fighting over because it will make the other parties to have no motivation to fight you.

4) Accommodation.
Another way to end a conflict is to decide to give away whatever that is making the other person to fight with you. This method just makes me very sick if I am the one who is giving away. I find this to be a cowardly way of resolving conflict.

5) Collaboration.
This is the most commonly used method of solving conflicts because it makes the whole conflict disappear as if it was never there. This is whereby you look for a solution that ensures that all the parties benefit or get what they want which totally eliminates the problem.

These are the main ways to resolve a conflict. Therefore, now you have no excuse to continue being in conflict with anyone. Use these methods to make peace and eliminate any conflict that you are in. To be honest, for me, it is either my way or the highway. If you cannot give me exactly what I want, then be ready for a fight and be ready to lose.

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