Railway Training Institute details

  • Address: P.O. Box 42226-00100 GPO, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Location: Nairobi
  • Telephone Number: 020-2378397/8
  • Email Address: info@rti.ac.ke
  • College Website: http://rti.ac.ke

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About Railway Training Institute

This institution was established in the year 1956 as a skill development centre. It is owned by Kenya Railways and offers various courses in the fields of business, electrical, civil and mechanical engineering, tourism, hospitality as well as information technology at craft certificate, diploma and advanced diploma levels.
Aims at providing high quality training to its students through research and technology.

Courses offered at Railway Training Institute(91 courses)

Bridging Courses( )
Diploma in Tourism(Tourism)
Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)
Certificate in Information Technology(Information Technology)
Diploma in Purchasing & Supply Management(Purchasing & Supply Management)
Diploma in Sales and Marketing(Sales and Marketing)
Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
Diploma in Cooperative Management(Cooperative Management)
Diploma in Public Relations(Public Relations)
Certificate in Cooperative Management(Cooperative Management)
Diploma in Secretarial Studies(Secretarial Studies)
Diploma in Food and Beverage Management(Food and Beverage Management)
Certificate in Pharmacy(Pharmacy)
Diploma in Building & Construction(Building Construction)
Diploma in Civil Engineering(Civil Engineering)
Diploma in Quantity Surveying(Quantity Surveying)
Diploma in Supplies and Purchasing(Supplies and Purchasing)
Diploma in Supplies and Purchasing(Supplies and Purchasing)
Diploma in Electrical Engineering(Electrical Engineering)
Diploma in Automotive Engineering(Automotive Engineering)
Certificate in Construction Technician(Construction)
Diploma in Personnel Management(Personnel )
Diploma in Tourism Management(Tourism Management)
Diploma in Medical Engineering(Medical Engineering)
Diploma in Telecommunication(Telecommunication)
Diploma in Information Studies(Information Studies)
Diploma in Catering & Accomondation Management(Catering & Accomandation)
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering(Mechanical Engineering)
Certificate in Electrical & Electronics Engineering(Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
Diploma in Accomondation Operations(Accomondation Operations)
Diploma in Transport Management(Transport Management)
Certificate in Security Management(Security Management)
Diploma in Computing & Information Processing(Computing)
Diploma in Business Management(Business Management)
Diploma in Library & Information Studies(Library & Information Studies)
Certificate in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning(Refrigeration & Air Conditioning)
Certified Public Accountant(CPA)
Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering(Electrical/Electronics)
Advanced Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management( )
Diploma in Information Communication Technology(ICT)
Certificate in Telecommunication Engineering(Telecommunication Engineering)
Certificate in Travel and Tourism Management(Travel and Tourism Management)
Diploma in motor vehicle systems(motor vehicle systems)
Certificate in motor vehicle systems(motor vehicle systems)
Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning(Refrigeration and Air Conditioning)
Certificate in Community Development and Social Work(Community Development)
Diploma in Accountancy(Accounting)
Diploma in Archives and Records Management(Archives and Records Management)
Certificate in Electrical Power Engineering(Electrical Power Engineering)
Diploma in Building and Construction Engineering(Building and Construction Engineering)
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Schools and departments

  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology.
  • Faculty of business and logistics.

Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Conference facilities.
  • Hostels.
  • Institute cafeteria.
  • Engineering workshops.
  • Classrooms.

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