Ed 402: Sociology Of Education Question Paper

Ed 402: Sociology Of Education 

Course:Bachelor Of Education

Institution: Catholic University Of Eastern Africa question papers

Exam Year:2010

Q1. a) Define the following:
(i) Sociology of education (1 mark)
(ii) An organization (1 mark)
(iii) A sociological theory (1 mark)
(iv) Socialization (1 mark)
(v) Culture (1 mark)
(vi) Social institutions (1 mark)
b) Identify any five roles of Sociology of Education. (5 marks)
c) Briefly explain any four functions of Education. (5 marks)
d) Identify any three implications to Education of the Labeling theory. (3 marks)
e) Identify four contributions of Emile Durkheim to Sociology of Education. (4 marks)

Q2. a) What is a formal social organization?
b) Discuss the characteristics of a formal social organization in relation to a school. (15 marks)

Q3. Discuss the roles of a teacher in a classroom setting. (15 marks)

Q4. a) Define what you understand by the term structural functionalism theory.
b) Briefly explain the tenets of structuaral functionalism.
c) examine the implications of structural functionalism to education. (15 marks)

Q5. Analyze the agents of socialization. (15 marks)

Q6. Examine four ways a princiapls leadership style may prevent delinquent-behavior among
students. (15 marks)

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