History And Government Question Paper

History And Government 

Course:Secondary Level

Institution: Kcse question papers

Exam Year:2012

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education 2012
Paper 2
Answer all questions in this section
1. State two advantages of written records as a source of history and government.

2. Identify two features of the Australopithecus

3. Define the term agrarian revolution

4. Give the main effect of the land enclosure system in Britain.

5. Mention two advantages of currency system of trade

6. identify two roles of the Tuaregs in the trans –saharan trade

7. Give one engineer who improved the road transport

8. Mention two disadvantages of using coal as a source of energy

9. Identify two ways how industrialization has affected industry positively

10. Name the colony of France in North Africa

11. State one reason why the system of indirect rule became increasingly difficult for the British to implement in Nigeria.

12. Give two reasons for the formation of the United Nations.

13. Identify one party in Ghana which assisted in the fight for independence

14. What is the cold war

15. Give two structures of the AU

16. Who is the chief executive of the British government

17. State the main reason why Britain occupied in 1884 and Sudan in 1898

Answer any three questions from this section
18. (a) Identify three theories advanced to explain the origin of man

(b) Describe the way of life of early human beings during the new Stone Age

19. (a) Identify any three forms of early transport.

(b) In what six ways were the early means of transport limited

20. (a) Give five reasons why the Africans were defeated during the Maji Maji rebellion
(1905- 1907)

(b) Why did the assimilation policy failed in French West Africa.

21. (a) Identify three groups that occupied South Africa and contributed to a unique form of

(b) Describe the problems encountered by the nationalists in South Africa

Answer any two questions from this section in the answer booklets provided
22. (a) Give three economic activities of the Buganda in the pre- colonial period

(b) Describe the political organization of the Buganda in the pre- colonial period

23. (a) Mention five problems facing the Non – aligned movement

(b) Explain five results of the 1st world war
when some of the territories regained political independence e.g. Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia

24. (a) Outline five reasons that led to the collapse of the east African community(EAC) by

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