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How to survive in high school


Date Posted: 1/13/2017 4:34:19 PM

Posted By: Kiritu 1  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 352

Hey there!Maybe you are high school student and you are wondering whether you are really going to make it in high school. Well, the likes of us have Survived too, even after great changes have been made by our current Education CS, Dr FRED MATIANGI. Anyway,to cut the long story short,allow me to go straight to the details.

1) Avoid bad company

Many students back in form one fail miserably in this step. They feel on top of the world for having cleared Primary education and maybe passed with flying colors. Well, what many of them forget is that this is a whole new life waiting for them. Most students in form one do not know how to manage their time well and as a result,they start indulging themselves in bad company.This in turn affects their good morals and soon this is reflected in their dismal academic performance. A bright student always puts God first and other things soon work out for themselves.

2) Relate with fellow students well

Now that I said you avoid bad company, this does not mean that you should not relate with others. Make peace with everyone and respect others.You do not have to demand for respect from anyone,this will just come automatically. If you are a form one student...then you are pretty lucky to see this article. This is your time to build your foundation in high school,i.e If you want to become the best student in all fields.

3) Always do your assignments

Many students have a habit of procrastination,i.e postponing things to do later. **Actually I was one of them** Luckily,my guidance and counselling teacher came to my rescue. Since then onwards, I doubled my efforts and and our school library became my companion. I even did

extra work and marked for myself or took it to a teacher to mark it for me. Always have this at the back of your mind,"HARD WORK PAYS!"

4) Be a good listener

Whether it is a lesson in class or a lecture on guidance and counselling in your hall,always do your best to pay maximum attention. To achieve this,have a habit of always sitting in front...ask me why? This is because sitting in front gives you an upper hand. You are less likely to doze off,there is hardly any distraction and there is more clarity in what the speaker is saying. It looks difficult now but you just give it a try. I promise you that you will remember this article.

5)Read early for your exams

Are you one of those who rush to read at the last minute when the exams are around the corner? Let me hope not. PIECE OF ADVICE: always have an exam timetable e.g two weeks before the exam. Give every subject your attention and do not read more in one subject than in another.Always balance your time. Do not overwork yourself,remember your brain cells need some time to relax. Remember,work without play......? Do I have to complete the statement? I think it is quite obvious that it will make jack a dull boy. And that takes us to our next point>

6) Involve In Co_curricular activities. Join any available club in your school that you feel you are really interested in.e.g:
(a) Music club
(b) Maths club
(b) Debate club
(c) Journalism club
(d) Wildlife club

>>>TO SUM IT UP, be an avid reader and always fill your mind with new and relevant information, you will be the sole benefactor of your "academic sweat|"

I would like to leave you with a quote:"Education pays the best interest"

At least you are better off after reading this article, aren't you?

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