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What next for the millenials after new education reforms in Kenya


Date Posted: 3/20/2017 10:55:28 PM

Posted By: jeangeorge  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 312

Kenyans have highly applauded the new changes that have recently taken place in the education sector.These changes have been spear headed by the current cabinet secretary of Education Science and Technology Dr.Fred Matiangi. It is factual education is the key to success for the young ones in our society, moreover, the Ministry of education forms part of the backbone of Kenya's economy. Since Dr.Matiangi's inception into this ministry from the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology he has given Kenyans something to smile about; he has served whole heatedly to bring forth major reformatory ideas to the ministry by pushing for very vital changes that have been received positively by Kenyan natives. His efforts to make learning in Kenyan schools a round and peaceful process has yielded good fruits.The able Minister has transformed 8-4-4 to 6-6-3.This implies that instead of spending three years in preparatory school, they now will take only two years in preparatory,then six in primary, another six in secondary then conclude their studies at the university for just two years.As simple as it may sound or look Kenyans' deserve the best, the best has come! Kudos to the new curriculum that has replaced the ancient, checkered norm that we have had since independence hitherto.

Fortunately, these reforms have been warmly welcomed by Kenyans who are slow to change but have receptively bought into the bold ideas brought forth by the Minister.Apparently we have had more than three presidents,now,the fourth but the same curriculum since independence.It is a shame. Isn't it? This new system is also giving young students with warm fresh red blood,still eager to learn,an opportunity to spend six years in Secondary also in two symmetric phases-three-three...Only then will they be done with basic education.An individual that Will have attained this level of education is at

free-will to join college for two years ,or university for three to train in one of the wide array careers offered.Here they study in fields of their choice so as to come out pragmatic, independent whole with ability to produce for the country.

The question that draws us back to the drawing board is whether or not enough has been done by our leader.Our Minister should use the docket and the time as it lasts to overhaul his sector as he has began to make education a key to shaping a prosperous and better Kenya.There is still much more room for improvement and the best 'Daktari' can do to Kenya yet is to curb exam cheating at all levels of education, we all need trustworthy tomorrow leaders and they can only be molded now.Teaching profession should also be deemed a pious career ,or rather a calling and not just any job that makes ends meet handled by any Tom ,Dick and Jerry. Simply put, teachers should be compelled to sign performance contracts, renewed annually or biannually just the same way they compelled the Government to review their salary's late last year. It is not going to be easy but thanks to the entire ministry for receiving these reforms,the mess needed more than spiritual intervention to to have a knew interface. Together, we make a better formidable country ready to stand strong together and move forward.

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