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The World's Most Important Secret: The Law of Attraction


Date Posted: 5/11/2017 9:16:43 AM

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The dream of every young man in life is to become successful. More so, they want to become financially stable, wealthy and influential. If you follow 100 young people, who have similar circumstances in life (i.e. the level of education, family background and all other aspects of life) throughout their life. Let’s say you start at age 25, you will be surprised to realize that only 2% will be rich, 23% will be financially stable, and 75% will be poor and struggling at the age of 65. Now you start to wonder what happened, why didn’t all of them find success? Why did some men succeed and why did some fail? Is that some were lucky than others or what? There is a secret in life that few people know and I am going to reveal it here. Read along.

The Secret is here

Ever wondered why the rich go on becoming richer and richer in life while the poor continue being poor? Probably yes. There is a secret, and it is so simple that those who discover it don’t even realize it is the world’s most important secret. It is called the law of attraction. Simply put, you attract what you want to your life either knowingly or unknowingly. Nature is the justest thing that human beings have ever experienced. It does not differentiate what is good from what is evil. It will always give you what you want, may it be riches, good health or even happiness. It is a law like the law of gravity; you will always go down not up. Therefore, for the law of attraction, what you attract is what you get.

How it works

So the law of attraction operates like this: You first draw what you want in your mind, and then nature will give

you the formula for your definite thoughts to become a reality in the physical world. Note the word definite here. By definite I mean you do not give room for any doubts about what is in your mind that you want to have. You may suppose that the 2% of men who became super rich were luckier than the rest. But you are wrong. If you examine the lives of these people, you will realize something very different from the rest. And that is the way these men thought about themselves. These men did not allow negative thoughts about themselves. They always believed themselves becoming rich one day. Sure to their feelings, nature provided them with the formulas to becoming rich. These men always attracted their riches to themselves with or without their consent. They influenced others to work for them to their advantage. They first became wealthy in their mind, and with little or no effort at all they found ways to transform their thoughts into their physical equivalent.

Think of it like this

Everything that is around you, from the spoon that you use in your kitchen to the planes that fly in the sky, they both began in the mind of someone as imaginary thoughts. Then it happened physically. Most of these men and woman who have changed the way the world functions did not know the law of attraction. The only thing they did was to believe in their thoughts, they made them real inside their head and the law of attraction acted upon them.

For example

Even Jesus Christ himself said it, ask, and you shall be given, knock, and the door will be opened for you, seek and you shall find. The one thing he did not tell us is where to knock, or where to seek or who to ask. He also said, with faith, you can move a mountain, but he did not tell us that faith is a state of consciousness that can be provoked by auto-suggestion in mind. Your state of mind is what manifests in your physical world and nothing else.


Are you poor, broke, sick or experiencing a physical world that you do not want? Then you need to revisit your mind. Examine your thoughts. You will realize your ideas are not different from your physical life. Everything starts there. It is as simple as that.

It’s an imaginary world.

Yeah. The world we see today is the creation of other people. It’s a collection of many thoughts put together by nature. The light bulb is the physical equivalent of the mind of Thomas Edison. He always thought that there was a way that electricity could be harnessed to provide light during the night. He was so obsessed with his idea that he did not give up even after failing several times. In the long last nature gave Edison what he wanted. The Wright brothers imagined that they could build something that could take a man in the sky and they discovered a way to do it physically. These are just a few examples of what the law of attraction can do. The law of attraction does not recognize anything like an impossibility. What you imagine in your mind and you decide to transform it into its physical equivalent, and you don’t relent in your imagination, nature will always find a way for your thoughts.


Philosophers of the past told us now and then that man is the creator of his destiny but what they all failed to show us is how a man can create his fate. The secret was first brought to my attention by Napoleon Hill in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich.' The secret has been revealed to you today. It is the law of attraction. It is always in action, and it happens all the time to all of us knowingly or unknowingly. Men who have discovered it have used it in both positive and negative ways for their advantages. Now that you have known it yourself use it to change yourself and the world around you in a good way.

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