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Keeping your motivation high while working from home


Date Posted: 1/1/2013 1:20:54 AM

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In this day when formal jobs are hard to come by, and companies are increasingly trying to cut costs, many people have resorted to work from home jobs a majority of which are writing jobs. Working from home can be interesting and fun. There is no one telling you what to do, what to wear, when to come in or leave and basically you are your own boss. Without discipline however, you may find yourself completely unproductive. To prevent this from happening you could use some of the tips below:

1. Build a working structure into your day. By having a daily routine will serve as a mental reminder that what you do is still a job, probably with deadlines to meet or targets to achieve. When you have a working structure you are more organized and are able to work more efficiently. It is also important to have a daily routine to avoid the temptation of just passing time watching TV or sleeping around or doing stuff that is un-related to work.

2. Be in the right frame of mind. When you work from home, it's easy to drag yourself from bed straight to your laptop and work. However, its important freshen up, get dressed before you start work. You don't have to wear a suit or tie but its important to be in the right frame of mind when you begin working.

3. Set up a work station. To avoid distractions when working from home set up a place from where you can work peacefully. Avoid the temptation of working on your sofa in front of the tv or in bed. Also if they are children around make sure they understand when they are free to play with you and when its time for them to give you humble working time.

Be sure to have all equipment and working materials nearby to get your work done in one place and to save time.

All in all remember that when you are working from home you are trying to earn a living and be serious about your work. Just because you have no supervision does not mean you relax. Put your best effort and you will reap the rewards of your work.

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