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11 tips for a healthy and younger looking skin.


Date Posted: 7/10/2013 3:57:07 AM

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The skin protects our internal organs and should therefore be taken care of well.It also enhances our self confidence.Below are effective tips for a healthy and younger looking skin.

>Drink plenty of water.

>Eat healthy.
-Foods like pears and sweet potatoes make the skin look young and glowing.
-Avoid eating too many acidic fruits.
-Eat more alkaline forming foods like calcium and potassium.
-Eat more fish is it contains omega-3 which is good for the skin.
-Spice your food up with spices like turmeric that helps reduce skin irritation.

>Avoid too much contact with the sun.
-Use lotions with sunscreen.
-Be in a shade when it is too hot.

>Exercise,after which,wash your face.

>It is recommended that you wash your face once a day,don't over wash.

>Get rid of stress as it takes a toll on your skin.

>Cut down on the amount of sugar.

>limit the dairy products.

>Be sure to get Vitamin D from the sun but remember to avoid too much exposure.

>Avoid skin lightening creams as they contain chemicals like mercury and hydroquinone that are harmful to the skin and the body as well.

>keep your pillowcase clean by washing it after about 9 days as it comes into contact with the skin.

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