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Success comes from determination and focus


Date Posted: 7/7/2013 4:10:38 PM

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Chris Kirubi is one successful businessman every young entrepreneur in Kenya would like to listen to. According to Chris, you succeed only when you create opportunity and he has always encouraged the youths in the country and across Africa to get education and create jobs instead of hunting for jobs. At first I thought this was a hard joke. How do you go to school to education only to come out not able to get employed? It first tricked me but one thought about this gave me a reason to believe in what I do rather than what I get from others.

Success in my world is not just identifying an opportunity and wrapping it down. Success is when my ideas create a world of determination. I borrowed the character from my role model-Chris Kirubi and whenever I want to get out of focus, I will always check his page to get back on track.

Africa is growing in in terms of economy and any other sectors. But as it grows, so does poverty. Mr. Kirubi believes that focusing on education, commercializing agriculture and opening up mineral sources are one of the surest ways to open up the African economy. I have particularly learnt to accept that we should not just be providers of raw materials but actually do the value addition ourselves in Africa. Through this, Africa is able to develop and solve its economic problems.

Chris Kirubi has succeeded in opening up companies and also heads one of the biggest companies in East Africa today, Haco Tiger Brands. His success he says is a fruit of determination, focus and never giving up. In any business, taking risk is a part of doing business. Really you don’t make any profits when you are afraid of losses. I have learnt to make

my steps brave and never lose hope in trying to get the best out of the business world.

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