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Child bringing and socialization


Date Posted: 11/15/2017 3:10:26 AM

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How do you bring up your child? What are the factors that contribute to his/her behavior? How does your child or even adults interact with others? This brings the aspect of socialization. Then what is socialization.
Socialization as an aspect of sociology is a lifelong process through which we learn about our social interaction and expectations. Nearly all the social interactions and behaviors that are deemed to be natural are learned through the process of socialization.

Socialization does not occur in children alone as people believe but is seen even in adults as learning of behavior is a continuous process.

Factors affecting socialization in children
1. Education/school
As the main mandate of education is to transfer knowledge it also plays a critical role in socialization. Apart from the manifest faction of knowledge transfer and just like any other sector, education plays a latent function of social interaction. Through education children learn to be obedient to their authorities and this enhances harmony with their management. Children copy other people’s behavior and the way of doing things in school.

2. The family
The family is viewed equally important to other agents of socialization. Children are completely dependent to their family members either as their biological parents or guardians. Children learn different behaviors from their family members through integration on social status, religion ethnic group and even tribe. The bringing up of the child and his or her behavior in future depends on his family behaviors largely.

3. Peers
A peer is a person of the same age with the child or shares common interest in life. As children play together they learn each other’s behavior. Peers have an incredible influence and most often parents worry much on the type of friend their children are associating with. Adolescent is among the major socialization aspect children first encounter and it depends on their interaction

withstand the this stage the peers tend to be independent to their parents and develop different behaviors.

4. Media
Media as a key factor in transmission of information also plays a major role in socialization. The level and advancement in technology plays critically to people’s change of behavior. For instance the introduction of pornography leads to an increase in prostitution and thus changes of behavior. With overspending in technology it greatly influences ones social norms.

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