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How to create an instant friendship with a stranger


Date Posted: 2/21/2018 10:11:21 PM

Posted By: Lewix  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: -148

Fear is a common thing between strangers. If you meet with someone you are attracted to, you might find it hard to approach such a person genuinely because you fear rejection . Your brain relates the feeling of the past when you were rejected and puts it infront of you. Nobody want to go through rejection twice. Rejection is a killer of your confidence. How then do you approach strangers without rejection?

• Start with a friendly and respectiful salutation;
People get interested to interesting people, show your interest by the way you say your first word, remember to put a smile in your face and maintain eye contact particularly when you are talking to someone in a group of other people. Your eyes and a genuine smile will pull that person from the crowd.

• Relieve her fear immediately you shake your hands.
If you do the first step correctly you might as well shake that hand. Remember we said that people fear strangers, she might be interested too but there are traces of fear of the unknown. You must shake this fear off immediately you shake hands by telling her you mean no harm and you are interested in sharing a few words.

• Play along with your words and avoid sharp voices.
Start with casual and playful language that keeps both smiling and happy. Trick her that you have met before and shared a little time and she might be forgetting you, don't go too far with this trick or you might lock your boat unknowingly. If she is in a group of friends tell her to introduce you.
• Ask few questions.
These is the most interesting part of strangers conversation and the easiest. Ask a few questions and get to know each other, it's always good to start

by answering questions from your side before asking her. For example ; " I'm lewix , what about u?" "I'm here for business , and You"? You are guaranteed to get answers from a two way questions as opposed to one way.

• Offer something in a style.
If you have time for a cup of tea you can always suggest. Be stylish in the way you do it or else you miss it. Not many people will want to go with a stranger they don't trust and have no confidence with, however if you play well with your words you can win anyone you approach. You can phrase it this way, "Don't you think we can have a cup of tea, right ?...... let's go."

• Make compliments and be grateful for her time.
It's good to give people genuine compliments. Be careful with your compliments or else you tore her confidence apart.

• Ask for contact and promise to meet her next time.
Don't forget that this is the most important part of the conversation. If you go through the other steps successfully this one will be easier. Make sure you remember her name while saving that number in your phone.

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