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How you can improve your performance in Mathematics


Date Posted: 10/17/2017 7:46:56 PM

Posted By: Omaerodgers  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 92

A good percentage of students country wide keep complaining upon their performance in mathematics.I personally was in same situation once a time.In my lower primary academy mathematics was a challenge too.However,through various changes I managed to excel in mathematics both in my KCPE and KCSE exams.Eventually i too considered a mathematics course in my higher level institution.
Considering the following steps you can have great changes too in the very subject.

1.Developing and maintaining a positive attitude.
As much as understanding the concept and applying can make one excel, attitude towards the subject also determines one's performance. Its through a positive attitude you can give enough time to review the concept learned previously.Negative attitude demotivate an individual and even make what is very common a problem.
Attention in class is based on your attitude to get the idea.

2.Creating enough time.
Mathematics like any other subject requires enough time to review what has been covered in the day and applying it to solve some related problems.
As a student you can do this by ensuring that you have a personal timetable and you adhere to it.
A timetable reminds you on what you are supposed to do at a given time hence minimizing time wastage in carrying other irrelevant things.
Once performance is a direct proportion of total time invested in preparation work.

3.Establish your daily gain.
This step is necessary to a focused student as it motivate one positively. It is important to measure how much content you have acquired in a day and also whether you are able to use the same as a weapon to tuggle some problems.
After a discussion in group or class, take your personal time to search for related questions to those learned in the day. Make attempt to solve them referring to examples of the day. If for instance you can't solve or

you luck some idea,then you can consult your fellows or your teacher.

4.Being open minded to your weaknesses.
A number of students avoid consulting their fellows in fear of geting the shame over some common problems.Its till you ashame the devil it can leave you.Asking is the shortest way of knowing the unknown.There is no problem that is small but any problem sounds negative and it should be done away with.

5.Ensuring top attendance in classes.
A student who fully attend the class lessons is much more benefited comparing to whom is prone to miss.Missing a class implies missing a concept and this can be recovered partially after getting more time.
Missing a class lead to adjustment in personal timetable.All class lessons are of much important,may it be a revision of a covered topic or an introduction to a new one.

6.Improve your calculating speed.
Mathematics is a subject that requires proper management of time especially when it comes to examination. Most students are left complaining frequently in mathematics examination over sudden collapse of time period given. Its good to understand that one's speed can be increased significantly.One way of enhancing this is by timing yourself in solving some specific examples.Once you do that, repeat using other questions and try to solve them faster.
If you manage to raise this effort regularly,your working speed will automatically improve.

7.Make all topics your favorites.
Most students are prone of specializing in some areas or topics of study.
When it comes to mathematics, every topic is of its importance and you therefore need it.Mathematical formulas appear repeatedly from one topic to next. Having the entire concept in your memory gets you enough confidence to work out any problem.
When it comes to revision, its also of much important to cover across all the topics.

8.Choose correct team of friends.
One's friends and company also influence a lot the performance of an individual.You should ensure that the company you are moving with is the correct one and affects your performance positively.People who reminds you on what you can do at a given time to better your academic and not some whose ideas are on academically irrelevant things such as drug abuse.
Group discussion is a proper way of assisting each other as students,this requires one to have self motivated individuals to work with.

Good performance doesn't come by chance but is a reward for ones efforts and time invested.There is no individual who was born to fail hence everyone has a potential to excell in respective field of concern.

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