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5 most valuable courses with a high level of job guarantee in Kenya


Date Posted: 8/22/2017 3:24:57 AM

Posted By: Githiari  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 927

Pursuing any course in campus cannot be that important not unless the course under subject meets the required qualities to grab any job in the market. If you approach students and ask them why they seriously sit in classes for long hours with endless assignment struggle, the obvious answer you will get is, ‘’because we want to live an excellent, wealthy and poverty free life’’ after completion. That will remain to be the reason why they can do anything on this earth to become a comrade and graduate with a first class degrees with their minds that the level of academics will get them into job market automatically. It is a good desire but the question will remain, are you aware of the course performance on the outer world? Do you understand the relevancy of that stuffy course in the current job standards?. You need to have clear answers to these questions before you join any course to have a job guarantee with high level morale. The courses I wish to discuss have a higher level of job attainability after completion than the rest but don’t mean that you must do them to get a job. Follow your heart desire and what you intend to do after you get that black hat off your head.

Information technology and computer related courses. Thanks to the government for currently introducing digital platforms in all sectors. Nowadays if you graduate and lack an opportunity to scoop a job in the professional offices you can just apply as a computer teacher in the school just within your visibility. As an information technology graduate, you gain the necessary skills to work online with various sites such as kenyaplex. You get the skills to

make your own blog where you can start selling items online and advertise various brands. When pursuing such courses, you also learn how to repair both the software and hardware of computer and hence you can start working as a technologist or innovate you own programs and sell them to both public and private companies. You may decide to start your own cyber café as your computer service hub and earn big.

Education courses. Every time I land into any job site, I always find teaching jobs availed in large quantity. The fact that private and public schools are established in each and every corner of this state means their affiliated jobs are also in large number and they keep emerging all along the year. To get employed in some of these schools you don’t require a huge sum of experience. You just require being committed and have self-discipline with an addition of quite a good academic performance.

Hotel and catering courses. Just like the case of education, hotels also pop up every day defining job emergence in the market. It is not necessarily you be employed in hotels but you can be absorbed in institutions such as universities and colleges as a waiter and waitress to serve students and other dignitaries within such places. No significant experiences checked to be employed and what you need is high level discipline, be clean and have what it require to create good relationship with customers.

Beauty courses. Beauty is one of the things that everybody require in lifetime whether a man or a woman. You just require knowing how to shave, braid, do nail art, and among others which takes a period of one year and you be good to go. You may be lucky to get an employment in a five star beauty parlor or choose to but start yours with the fact that you have skills. It does not require a huge capital to start though but you need to make a remarkable business where your clients will feel a professional service.

Business related courses. Such courses include Accounting, secretariat, business administration, human resource management among others. Since everything generating income is a business, then everything involving circulation of cash is a job market for such courses. Newbies can be employed as sales agents, cashiers, financial analysts,stall attendants, supplying agents and many more. Most of these will require a little experience but if you believe you are liable to be employed in most cases.

Am sure you know about some of your friends who did other major courses and are currently earning big. Any course is equally important is only that some are more advantaged over others. All it requires is to know how to begin, match and maneuver over and over again in life with whatever the degree you have whether upper class, lower class either Information technology or aeronautical engineering courses. If you graduated but still with years moving from one office to another with a brown envelop loaded with a job application headed letter inside, think of how you can be an employer too, it’s not necessarily you be an employee.

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