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Is it true that there are no jobs in Kenya?


Date Posted: 4/25/2018 2:05:50 AM

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There are so any people who are very educated, even to the university level but they are sitting at home doing nothing and saying that there are no jobs in Kenya. If they can apply several principles, they will find out that they are not only supposed to be having jobs but they are even supposed to be employers. These principles are the following:

1. On top of education, learn about soft skills. Those who conduct interviews will tell you that although many people are well educated, but they lack soft skills. Soft skills are the etiquette, mannerism and good attitude towards people. How do you relate with people? Are you able to work well in team work; are you a good team player? Those are the questions interviewers ask themselves when conducting an interview. That does not mean that education is not valuable, it still is but soft skills make one to stand out in the midst of others.

2. Get out of your comfort zone. Decide to think out of the box. You don’t have to do whatever everyone else is doing. Instead of looking for a job you can decide to be self employed. And within no time you might find yourself employing others.

3. To go ahead in life, one need to refuse to be a victim of the circumstances that one finds themselves in. Instead, you should make these circumstances your stepping stone to the next level. Some of the most successful people reached where they are by finding themselves in difficult situations that made they think of a way out of their problems and the solution they found landed themselves in high places.

4. Have a positive attitude. Wealth and poverty lies in our brains. If you think you are a failure in life, that is what you will be and

vice versa.

5. Instead of spending your time looking for customers and clients, create a thirst for them so that instead of you looking for them, they are the ones who will be looking for you. Your extra ordinary ideas and value addition to your products will make people start looking for you. Someone once said you can take a cow to the river but you cannot make them drink the water. You won’t have to make people like your products, it will be voluntary.

6. Start at the bottom of the ladder. You cannot start climbing a tree from the top. The same case applies here. If you want to a general manager, start at the bottom and you will soon find yourself at the top within no time, if you work hard enough. The idea is, dream big but start small.

7. Mind your company. Remember an eagle that hangs out with chicken will soon forget how to fly. If you want to go far, find the company of people who can lead you to where you want to be. When you look at those people, see what you would like to be in the next ten years. The people who challenge you are the best to hang out with. If you hang out with jobless people, you won’t see the need for a job after all you are not the only one.

8. Parents need to stop overprotecting their children so that they can grow wings. Mother hen chases away her chicks once they realize that they can now fend for themselves. But children of nowadays are overprotected so they don’t know how to survive in the outside world and this becomes a major problem when it comes to jobs. So parents need to learn from mother hen.

Finally, to answer the question whether there are jobs in Kenya, jobs are plenty, and when the above principles are applied at a personal level, the difference will clearly show in the job market.

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