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How to curb the high cost of living in Kenya


Date Posted: 4/26/2018 6:25:46 AM

Posted By: ROZA  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 961

High cost of living is felt by everybody but the ones who feel it the most are the middle and the low class people. People are now buying commodities in small quantities that last for just a day or two and remember it is very costly to buy small quantities because in the end, it becomes more costly than when you buy in large quantities. This shows that an average Kenyan is not able to afford the basic needs in life. Because of high cost of living, employers are lying off their employees and the rest are being over worked and still receiving the same pay and the list is endless. We need to do something as a country before it is too late. The following are some of the recommendations that we can take into account:

1. Because Kenya is an agricultural country, the government needs to decide not to import food products and instead produce our own because we have that capacity. The biggest problem in Kenya today is food and it is the most costly commodity, so it should be given the first priority. That is why a country like Uganda is ahead of us because there is no food problem in Uganda.

2. We need to encourage investors from other countries and also, to start manufacturing our own products ourselves here in the country. But to facilitate this, the prices of sources of energy that are used in production need to be brought down. Sometimes we prefer to import a product since the ones that are manufactured here are more costly that the imported ones and in the end it is our country that is losing.

3. We need to reduce the products we import. This is because; it is causing what is known as the imbalance of trade. We are importing

so much more that we are exporting. We need so many dollars but no one needs our shilling. The demand for our shilling will go up when we start producing the products that other countries need. We have seen companies which are assembling cars here in the country, this is a good thing and it should be encouraged because they will not only reduce the cost of cars but they will also create employment. Let’s be industrious.

4. We need to encourage large scale farming, instead of subsistent farming. In developed countries, farming is done in large scale by chosen few. The others go to towns to manufacture what has been produced. We should emulate that culture instead of all of us owning a small piece of land and no enough food. The only type of farming that will help our country is large scale farming.

5. Banks that specialize is agriculture should be established. Their job should be to give loans to farmers for them to buy the necessary farming equipment that they may need. They should also educate farmers on the best farming practices.

6. The government should also take the responsibility and create the proper environment for its citizens to work and be fruitful. Vices like corruption only discourage taxpayers. People would get encouraged to see where their tax money is going, building the much needed infrastructures will help a lot. There are things that need to be done by a government and lack of integrity is what is failing our country.

To sum it all up, Kenyans are very hardworking people but they are lacking the very basic needs of life because of high cost of living. But we only need to be shown the right direction to move as a country and high cost of living will be a thing of the past.

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