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What leadership skills can we learn from an eagle?


Date Posted: 9/24/2018 10:40:26 PM

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Some people usually see eagles as just big birds that fly at high attitudes and feed on prey while other see them as a role model on human beings especially our leaders. I am one of those people who see it as a role model to leaders. Eagles are not only big birds but also very unique kind of birds. Their characteristics are different from other birds and that has made man to study it deeper and compare it with humans. There is a lot to learn from eagles but I am going to mention just a few.

1. Eagles flock together.
You might have come across the saying, "birds of the same feathers flock together." I think the person who came up with this saying must have seen eagles fly high together and never seen any flying on its own or mixed with other birds. They never mix with other birds unless they are there to feed on something and they leave immediately they are done. This togetherness also makes them to be very aggressive when hunting a prey. They can hunt preys which are larger than them and never give up until it is dead. Leaders should encourage togetherness. Working together brings more success.

2. Eagles have an accurate vision.
Eagles can see things that are very far away from them. If you have ever seen an eagle and studied it closely, you will realize that it is very keen. It looks above, below and around it. This quality enables them to see enemies from far. It can see a snake trying to destroy its nest from high above. Leadership entails having a great vision and goal. Having a vision enables you to see the obstacles ahead of you and find ways to overcome them. I am glad

that our country Kenya is looking up to UNs vision 2030 and we have goals to reach in accordance to that. That is also the reason why the people who vie for any leadership position must present their manifestos. We should have a vision or goal as leaders always.

3. Eagles fly alone at very high attitudes.
At high attitudes eagles can be seen flying alone. It is not that they hate company but they choose to be alone. Company is very important and we must learn to choose correctly. Leaders should know who they work with. Some people are meant to teach us while others are just a waste of time. We should also realize that sometimes it is okay to work alone in order to achieve more.

4. Eagles feed on fresh prey alone.
They do not eat dead meat. This teaches leaders to stop relying on past accomplishments, that is dead meat. You should work hard in order to accomplish something new always.

5. Eagles love the storm.
When storm starts, other birds will be seen seeking shelter very fast. Eagles are the only birds that will be seen soaring around the heavy rains, they do not fear it. Similarly,leaders should not be afraid of challenges and obstacles in their leadership. They should learn to face it. It is only in facing a challenge that you will find a way to overcome it.

6. Eagles go through pain in order to grow new feathers when it gets old.
When the eagle is old, mostly at 30, it takes a leave and stays away for sometime. During this time, it plucks off the old feathers. That hurts but afterwards it will grow new and beautiful feathers. It stays away until the new feathers have fully grown. This teaches leaders to always take time to shade off old habits especially the bad ones. After doing this, they should take their time to come up with new and good habits.

7. Eagles do not trust easily.
Eagles usually test other eagles that they meet for their commitment in order to trust them. For example when a female eagle meets with a male eagle, it first tests it by picking let's say a stick and throws it from high. It sees if the male eagle will fly and catch it before it hits the ground. That way, trust is build and they are ready to make eaglets and raise them. Leadership requires trustworthy people therefore, you should test the people around you first to see if they are committed. This entails both the professional life and personal relationships.

8. Eagles look after their children until when they are mature.
Eagles build nests for their children in high places. This makes a home for them and their training ground until they are mature enough to be on their own. When they are grown enough, the mother eagle will teach its eaglets to fly. This is by carrying them while it is flying then dropping them at high levels. As it falls the eaglet learns the work of its wings. It then catches it before it reaches the ground. This process continues until the eaglet can fly on its own. When the eaglet is cowardly and cannot learn to fly, it takes it back to the nest and teaches it a lesson. Leaders should be teaching their people while growing with them. They should continue giving them challenges while empowering them and giving direction.

Eagles can be seen as big birds only but there is a lot to learn from them. We should learn and strive to be the best leaders today for a better generation tomorrow.

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