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How to write a good article


Date Posted: 6/16/2019 8:03:17 AM

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People all over the world are required to write essays on different subjects on a daily basis. Some need to write essay as a part of a job application or a scholarship application. Other are needed to come up with essays either as part of examinations or schools assignments or for online or other platforms where they work on a part-time of full-time basis. Others just write essays for fun as a hobby. The subjects covered by these essays are a diverse as there can be. These subjects may range from simple ones such as a childhood memory, your family or your opinions towards a certain subject to more complex subjects such as the inflation, demonetization, deforestation or climate change.

Writing an essay is an easy task but one that requires a lot of time and effort as well. Coming up with an essay and a good one while at it, is a process that requires adequate planning and research. Some people find it very hard to come up with good essay since they don’t understand how to go about the task. The process of article writing can be broken down into a number of steps for ease. These steps are generalized and can be applied to all types of essays effectively. However, it should be noted that although some essays come up without any specifications to be met, others come with a number of specifications that the writer of the essay has to adhere to. These may be a specific word limit or a specific subject. It is very important to adhere to these specifications as it shows the person to whom you to submit the essay that you actually went through the instructions given. Furthermore, they also guide on the content of your essay.

The first step of article

writing is choosing a topic. You have to come up with an appropriate topic for essay if the topic to be to be written is not given beforehand. Let’s take a case where you want to write an essay on a general topic such as climate. Now, climate is a very wide topic which may prove overwhelming to write about so you might want to narrow it down to the effects of climate, factors determining climate or discuss the climate of a given area. Taking you chose to discuss the factors determining climate, then it advisable to narrow done on a single factor since there are millions of factors determining climate in the world. Assuming your chose altitude as your factor, your topic therefore narrows down to ‘how altitude determines climate’. Considering the different places in the world all which have different altitude then you might consider narrowing down to a given region. Let’s take the central region of Kenya as your area of study. The topic is now narrowed down to ‘how altitude determines climate in the central region of Kenya’. This is a more manageable to write about compared to a wide topic such as climate. On the contrary, if you are given a specific topic then you have to stick with regardless of its advantages or disadvantages.

After choosing a topic, you then have to research widely and make relevant short notes in the process. While researching, leave no stone not turned. Consult as many sources of information as you can. You should also not restrict yourself to just one type of those sources. Do not restrict yourself to just books. Consult all types of sources of information you can access. They may be periodicals, journals, books or even internet sources. The best place to find all these different types of sources is a local library. All the same, you should be careful to establish the credibility of your sources so that you do not collect misleading information. Your sources should also be the most recent ones or the revised copies. This is because it is irrelevant to use a source written in 1980 to write an essay about a subject such as climate in 2019. The information contained in such a source may be greatly incompatible with the current situation. Write down short notes from every source since these make up the body of your essay. You should also write down the titles of your references in case you need to consult them in future. Quote the authors of your sources of information since it important to give the authors of your sources credit in your essay this shows it is not your own opinions, ideas, views or beliefs. You should group your notes in subheadings depending on subject matter for ease during the drafting of the essay.

The next step is to make an outline. An outline covers everything you would like to include in your essay. You should keep in mind that an outline is just a skeleton. It shows how your essay will flow without going into details. At the beginning of the outline is the introduction. Next comes the body. Divide the body into the number of paragraphs you desire. Note down what you are going to include in each paragraph. These should only be short points. The subheadings from your note making should form your paragraphs. Arrange the paragraphs depending on the amount of content you have on each subheading. The subheading under which you have the most content should form your first paragraph down to the one you have the least. If all the content you have under a given subheading cannot be discussed into a single paragraph, then you are free to write as many paragraphs as it is necessary. The outline should end with a conclusion. You may decide to come up with an appropriate introduction and conclusion for essay at the outline stage. A good introduction or conclusion is a proverb, quote or saying.

The final stages of writing an essay are writing the draft and coming up with the final essay. In writing the rough draft, you should include all the points you had collected from the various sources. Your outline should act as a guide even at the draft stage. You should use your short notes to come up with appropriate paragraphs. If you have any specifications to adhere to, then you should. You can write as many essays as you deem fit until you come up with an essay that meets you standards or desire. Your final draft becomes your final essay. The final thing is to edit your essay to meet the specifications given or those that you desire. By following these steps, essay writing become a simple task.

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