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How to take a brisk walk into the future: Five dimensions of preparation


Date Posted: 10/26/2017 3:17:11 PM

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Living the present is no doubt the most suitable way to experience a satisfying life. Away from a haunting past and the fears of an unpredictable future. However for one to comfortably live the present, they have to be at peace with the past and in preparation for a more fulfilling future. Dwelling in the past can bring unending hindrances to enjoying the present life. The past belongs in the past, and the best way to get off its yoke is to let go. Below are some of the areas to develop in your pursuit to shape your future:
i. Physical stamina
You know what’s better than living your dreams? Living them in perfect health. There’s nothing worse than developing a life threatening ailment just on the verge of making your dreams a reality. Neglecting simple health principles might heavily cost you in the future, and sometimes you don’t get to live to regret it. Be conscious about your health while you still can. The benefits are always priceless.
ii. Economic independence
The struggles of surviving through limited finances are undebatable. You definitely don’t want to walk into your future without a dependable source of income. Money is to us what air is to the lungs. Its necessity goes without saying. As you plan the future of your dreams, plan it along with a sustainable way of generating income. It constitutes what majorly propels your dreams and almost guarantees a grand entry into your future.
iii. Moral muscle
Today, we live in a society of fast decaying moral principles. One is either flowing along with this strong current of ‘modernization and civilization’ or following your own individual path. Whichever path you might be wading through, think about the impact it has on your future. This might look like a societal responsibility but looking at the bigger picture, the effects

narrow down to an individual. In one way or another, one will eventually have to deal with the grave consequences of living a morally unaccountable past. Choose a moral path that doesn’t have plenty of regrets to deal with in future.
iv. Clarity of purpose
Having a goal and focus is fundamental to have a good future. Having no idea where you are headed is pretty much the first step in heading nowhere. The most basic foundation in your journey into the future is to picture where you wish to be. You can then plan along your dreams.
v. Habit patterns
Nothing sticks around worse than a bad habit. Trying to do away with them is most definitely an uphill task. It’s worse when you can’t even explain how you got stuck with the habit, sometimes too embarrassing to say out loud. No one promises a majestic walk out of them, luckily you can create new habits that help rid the negative habits. Walking into a future with negative habits is destructive in every sense. Create healthier habit patterns, your future will be grateful.

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